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“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

— Jane Jacobs, the Death and Life of Great American Cities

TOD Public Meeting

We think the same is true for public transportation. Community involvement in the planning and improvement of our services is important to our entire community. Over the past two decades, public involvement has helped shape nearly every aspect of GBT services from our routes and schedules, bus shelters and hubs, the design of our website, and even the look of the buses.

All meetings have a Spanish interpreter available.

All meetings have a Spanish interpreter available. 

We are committed to engaging people in our community—from riders to workers to residents—to learn more and influence bus service improvements. We hope you’ll connect with us and get involved.


Listen in to our new podcast series.

Listen in to our new podcast series


Join in and listen as Doug Holcomb, CEO, discusses how GBT reaches out to folks in the community and how you can get involved in learning more about GBT bus service in the Greater Bridgeport region in Connecticut.



Everything you need to know to make the most of GBT services is available 24/7 at At the site, there are several ways to give us feedback too. We are always listening.


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GBT Public Hearing - August 2017

We usually have several meetings every year (more if we are planning something big) along with regular meetings of our Passenger Advisory Committee (PAC). All meetings are open to the public. See the PAC meeting schedule for 2018>>


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Stay Tuned for our next newsletter in January 2018 where we continue our podcast series.