Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities

Advertise your business in and on GBT buses and throughout the Greater Bridgeport Region. Transit advertisements dominate daytime advertising offering high visibility at easy to read eye-level, generating a tremendous number of exposure opportunities that far exceed electronic and other print mediums for the same dollar invested.


Bus advertising targets vehicular and pedestrian traffic as an “involuntary” mass medium which cannot be tuned out, turned off or thrown away. Advertisements on GBT buses go where people live, work and play and reaches all income levels — providing a market penetration that often cannot be reached by traditional media.


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Alan Watson
Trans-Ad Outdoor, LTD
Tel: 203-453-5735

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Rider Alerts

Oct 3, 2015

GBT Rt 15 Detour on Sunday 10/4/15

Bridgport Avenue in Shelton center will be closed on Sunday for a street festival form 7 am to 7 pm. The bus will take a right turn onto Constitution Blvd. and then left onto route 8. It will exit route 8 at exit 15 and go into the Derby train station. Upon leaving the train station it will go back on route 8 and get off at exit 13 and then follow the regular route back to Bridgeport.

Desvío de la Ruta 15 el 4 de octubre de 2015
Bridgport Avenue, en el centro de Shelton, estará cerrada el día domingo de 7 am a 7 pm debido a un festival. Los autobuses tomarán a la derecha hacia Constitution Blvd. y luego hacia la izquierda hacia la Rut 8. Saldrán de la Ruta 8 en la salida 15 y de allí se dirigirán a la estación de trenes de Derby. Luego de partir de la estación de trenes regresarán a la Ruta 8 y saldrán en la salida 13, para de allí seguir su ruta habitual camino a Bridgeport.

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Broad Regional Exposure

When you are advertising with GBT, your ads will be seen by thousands in major shopping centers and universities and throughout the region in these Cities and Towns: