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We know where the buses are and so should you. That is why we are adding a real-time Bus Tracker to this website. All you will need to do is select your route and the Bus Tracker will show you the location of all of the buses on that route in real-time so you can plan accordingly. It's that easy.



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Rider Alerts

Aug 2, 2015

Rt 17 Bus Stop Relocation

Effective, Monday, 8/3/15, the bus stop on Boston Avenue, at Colony Street, will be relocated 135’east of its current location. The old sign will be removed and a sign will be installed at the new bus stop. Riders will not be serviced at the old stop.


Reubicación de parada de R. 17

A partir del lunes 3 de agosto de 2015, la parada de Boston Avenue y Colony Street se reubicará 135 pies al este de su ubicación actual. Se quitará el cartel viejo y se instalará otro en la nueva parada. No se prestarán más servicios en la parada vieja.

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