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We know where the buses are and so should you. That is why we are adding a real-time Bus Tracker to this website. All you will need to do is select your route and the Bus Tracker will show you the location of all of the buses on that route in real-time so you can plan accordingly. It's that easy.



Please use this form to report problems or tell us what you think. The form will help us keep track of everything in a database so we make sure we can do something about everything you have to tell us.

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Thanks for helping us out. We really appreciate it and will use your feedback to make things even better.


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Rider Alerts

Oct 1, 2016

GBT Rt 15 Detour on 10/2 in Shelton
On Sunday October 2, 2016, from 7 am to 7 pm, the center in downtown Shelton will be closed to traffic on Howe Ave between Bridge Street and Cornell St for a street festival. MORE INFO>>

Desvío de R. 15 el 10/2 en Shelton
El domingo 2 de octubre de 2016, de 7 am a 7 pm, el centro de Shelton estará cerrado al tráfico en Howe Ave entre Bridge Street y Cornell St debido a un festival. MÁS INFORMACIÓN>>

Sep 29, 2016

CL Detour in Norwalk 9/30/16 – 10/11/16
Minor detour near Norwalk transit hub due to construction on the Wall Street Bridge. MORE INFO>>


Desvío de CL en Norwalk 9/30/16 – 10/11/16

Habrá un leve desvío cerca del centro para autobuses de Norwalk debido a las obras que se realizan en Wall Street Bridge. MÁS INFORMACIÓN>>

Sep 21, 2016

Service Changes 2016
Service changes are coming on Sunday, October 2, 2016. There have been minor changes to most routes and major changes to Routes 5, 7 and 16. There are no changes to routes 6 and 10. Get the details here.

Cambios de Servicio de 2016
Los cambios en el servicio se harán el sábado 2 octubre de 2016. Hay cambios menores en la mayoría de las rutas y cambios grandes en las Rutas 5, 7 y 16. No habrá cambios en las Rutas 6 y 10. Vea todos los detalles aquí.

More info »