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Rider Alerts

Oct 15, 2014

Obama’s visit to Bridgeport has been cancelled. We anticipate that regular service will resume early this afternoon. Thank you for your patience during this event.

ALERT 10/15/14 11:32 AM

Obama Visit on October 15, 2014

Riders should expect delays, detours and possible road closures today due to a visit to Bridgeport from President Obama. We will report specific information as it becomes available to us. We appreciate your patience during this event.


ALERTA 15 oct. 2014, 11:32 a.m.

Visita de Obama el 15 de octubre de 2014

Se comunica a los usuarios que habrá demoras, desvíos y posiblemente cierres de calles debido a la visita del Presidente Obama a Bridgeport. Daremos información más específica tan pronto como se nos comunique por parte de las autoridades. Apreciamos su comprensión durante este evento.

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