Route | Ruta 22X

Effective: 10/2/16 | effectivo: 2 de octubre de 2016

Route 22x – Weekday Service

The bus will now service Trap Falls Rd and Commerce Dr in a clockwise direction on all trips. The schedule times in the afternoon have shifted slightly due to this change.

Ruta 22x – Servicio de lunes a viernes

Los autobuses pasarán por Trap Falls Rd y Commerce Dr circulando siempre en el sentido de las agujas del reloj. El horario de la tarde variará ligeramente debido a este cambio.

Monday - Friday | Lunes - Viernes

To Downtown Shelton via Route 8

Monday - Friday | Lunes - Viernes

Departs Arrives
Bus Station Berth A-4
Trapfalls Road at Bridgeport Ave
Corporate Drive
Commerce Drive at Bridgeport Ave
Bridgeport Ave at Trap Falls
Bus Station Berth A-4
6:35 6:47 6:52 6:58 7:00 7:12
7:35 7:47 7:52 7:58 8:00 8:12
8:35 8:47 8:52 8:58 9:00 9:12

To Downtown Bridgeport

Monday - Friday | Lunes - Viernes

Departs Arrives
Bus Station Berth A-4
Bridgeport Ave. & Trap Falls
Bridgeport Ave. & Commerce
Corporate Drive
Bridgeport Ave. & Trap Falls
Bus Station Berth A-4
2:40 2:57 3:02 3:08 3:10 3:22
3:40 3:57 4:02 4:08 4:10 4:22
4:40 4:57 5:02 5:08 5:10 5:22
5:45 5:57 6:02 6:08 6:10 6:22

Bold indicates P.M.

*Connects with Bridgeport Avenue Connector (Operated by Valley Transit District: 203-735-6324) serving Old Stratford Road, Far Mill Crossing, Long Hill, Cross Road, Forest Parkway and Platt Road.

Holiday Service - When Saturday-level service is operated on a weekday, due to a holiday, this route will operate a regular schedule.

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Rider Alerts

Apr 13, 2017

Good Friday Service
On Friday, April 14, Good Friday, GBT will be operating a Saturday schedule, with Routes 23 and 22x still operating.

Servicio el Viernes Santo
El viernes 14 de abril (Viernes Santo), GBT cumplirá el horario de los sábados, y las Rutas 23 y 22x seguirán operando.

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Express Service to Businesses at Shelton Office Park
Barnum Museum
Arena at Harbor Yard


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