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Meet the PAC

The Passenger Advisory Committee (PAC) is a group of volunteer riders who advise GBT and help make decisions about bus service so that it better serves the people in the greater Bridgeport area.

GBT PAC Members along with CT Roadeo winners


When GBT began the PAC more than 10 years ago, it did so with the hope that knowledgeable riders from all of our routes and across our region would join and stay engaged in a process to improve service for everyone. Since that time, the committee's work has surpassed all expectations.


Today the PAC includes the following riders (in alphabetical order):

Lois Albani
Marylove Bevel
Martha Brown
John Garnett II
Patricia Ginoni
Ronald Hargrove
Paul Kochefko
June McClendon
Elizabeth Perlman-Cole
Kimberly Puopolo
Frank Reese
Sylvia Roque
John Silbert
Susan Simpson


Many members have been on board for over ten years and have consistently contributed ideas that have improved the transit experience for all of our riders. "I like to hear other riders comments and suggestions," said member, John Silbert, and "I suggested routing and schedule changes for the new Transit Center which opened in 2007."


The creation of the ziptrip pass program and the development of the Rider's Guide were both heavily influenced by PAC members-and were well received by riders. The Intermodal Transportation Center, GBT bus shelters and the newly installed heated shelters at the station all evolved with thoughtful direction from PAC members. Since its formation, no changes to service have been made without first "hearing from the PAC."


"I feel that the more people we can get to use public transportation, the better a system we can develop and expand. Not everyone can, should, or wants to drive a car," says Elizabeth Perlmen Cole who joined the PAC almost 10 years ago after moving from New York City to Stratford. "Not only do I save money by taking the bus, I stay in shape by walking, is a very important environmental issue to use as few vehicles as possible."


PAC member efforts have lead to expanded services, improvements in the quality of the service, growing ridership and a healthier community. Many thanks to the PAC! We couldn't have done it without you.

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Rider Alerts

Feb 16, 2018

Winter Weather Alert

We are monitoring the approaching snow storm. Riders should expect delays and possible service disruptions. Please leave extra time for travel and check back regularly for any service change updates. Stay warm, stay safe!

Alerta de tormenta de nieve

Estamos monitoreando la tormenta de nieve. Probablemente se producirán demoras en el servicio. Recuerde que podría necesitar más tiempo que el habitual para su viaje y que puede regresar aquí para enterarse de cualquier cambio en el servicio. Manténgase abrigado y seguro.

Feb 15, 2018

Presidents’ Day Service
On Monday, February 19, 2018, Presidents’ Day, GBT will be operating on a Saturday schedule. Routes 22x and 23 will also operate.

Servicio durante el Día de los Presidentes
El lunes 19 de febrero de 2018 (Día de los Presidentes) GBT operará según el horario de los sábados. Las Rutas 22x y 23 también estarán operativas.

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