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New Rider Spotlight

Hello, riders! We hope you are finding all the info you need to make riding the bus easy. You can catch the bus at more than 1,400 locations throughout the region so it’s never a long walk. Understanding the system and all the places you can go is sometimes daunting for new riders, especially new residents. We've put together some resources to help you find your way around the region.

Trip Planning

Our staff offers trip planning services as you are preparing to travel. If you need assistance planning your trip, please call a Customer Service Representative at 203-333-3031, as follows:

Monday - Friday 6 AM - 6 PM
Saturday 8 AM - 12 Noon

You can also try our interactive Trip Planner >>

Maps and Schedules

Maps and Schedules


All of our maps and schedules are available on our website and in our System Timetable which is available on-board, at the bus station in downtown Bridgeport and at select Stop & Shops in the region.

System Maps >> | Routes & Schedules >>

Bus Tracker

Bus Tracker


You can find out exactly when your bus will arrive using our online bus tracker, which shows you where each bus is in real time on a map. You can even access it with your smartphone. Bus Tracker >>


Ziptrip Passes


GBT does not use a traditional fare system. Instead, we use a system called ziptrip. With ziptrip you buy a pass which is swiped as you board the bus and you can ride any bus, in any direction for the duration of the pass.

Ziptrip 90-Minute $1.75

Available On-board only

Ziptrip 1-Day Unlimited $4.
Available On-board only
Ziptrip 7-Day Unlimited - $17.50
Buy at GBT Bus Station, some Stop & Shops, or online
Ziptrip 31-Day Unlimited - $70.
Buy at GBT Bus Station, some Stop & Shops, or online
Ziptrip Half-Fare
Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and holders of a Medicare Card pay half fare all the time with proper ID. Applications for this card are available by calling 333-3031. 
Ziptrip Y Youth Pass
Use the GBT Bus System weekdays for a 31-day period for $45 with proper ID. Must be 17 years of age or younger. Buy at at GBT Bus Station.

Ziptrip passes are available on-board, on-line, at the bus station and at Stop & Shop stores throughout the region. We also sell one-time fare tokens — vending machines are in the GBT bus station at 710 Water Street in downtown Bridgeport. More Fare Info >>

Meet Linda, a New GBT Rider

Meet Linda, a new GBT rider

Home: Bridgeport
Profession: Certified Visiting Nurse
Rides the Bus: Every Day
Rider Since: September 2012

We caught-up with Linda at the GBT bus terminal in downtown Bridgeport  at 10:30 a.m.  preparing to board GBT Route 3 to Madison Avenue. “I live in Bridgeport and I’m a new bus rider. I just started riding the bus a few months ago and I take it every day now.”

The number of people choosing to take public transportation is growing and,  like many new riders, Linda has opted for the bus. “Its right near my home and its easier and much less expensive than a car.”

As a Certified Visiting Nurse, Linda’s work takes her to meet people all over the region. “ Now I am taking the bus two, three, maybe four times each day and use most of the routes. I pay the regular fare but I’m planning on going to the seven day or monthly pass to save”.  

Linda describes her experience on the bus this way: “I like the buses and the drivers are great — always friendly — I like the bus station too!”

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Rider Alerts

Apr 18, 2019

Good Friday Service
On Friday, Spril 19, Good Friday, GBT will be operating a Saturday schedule, with Routes 23 and 22x still operating.

Servicio el Viernes Santo
El viernes 19 de abril (Viernes Santo), GBT cumplirá el horario de los sábados, y las Rutas 23 y 22x seguirán operando.

More info »