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Three Behind-the-Scenes Projects

Many people think of GBT only as the local public bus service. But what we do is much more comprehensive than that. As part of our commitment to serving the public, we work with local, regional, state, and federal government and other organizations to plan and implement transit projects that benefit the people in our region.


Map of the three transit oriented development projects we are partnering on.


GBT is currently involved in several Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) projects in Bridgeport, Fairfield, and Stratford. By establishing a plan to promote the development of mixed use communities along existing public transit lines, we help preserve our environment, and grow and sustain our economic prosperity. TOD is characterized by more compact, mixed-use development near transit facilities that is walkable and promotes good community design — in other words, focusing on Main Street, USA.


In recent decades the movement of business to the suburbs has dramatically increased the amount of time people spend commuting primarily because these businesses are in locations that are not easily accessible by public transit. When local and regional governments refocus their land use planning by promoting the growth of business away from the suburbs and toward centralized accessible public transit corridors there are many benefits, including:

  • increase in walking by residents
  • decrease in obesity in local population
  • increase in public transit usage
  • decrease in auto usage
  • decrease in carbon footprint
  • reduce our dependency on foreign oil
  • reduces the amount of money a family spends yearly on travel
  • reduces the amount of time spent commuting
  • decreases traffic and congestion
  • increases air quality

Below is an overview of three projects we are currently involved in:


East Bridgeport Development Corridor

By developing a mixed-use community in Bridgeport's East End that connects retail, business, housing, parks, and transit, we can help reenergize this section of the city. Through a bi-state partnership with New York and Connecticut Sustainable Communities, this project is partially funded through a $3.5 million U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant, to integrate housing, economic development, transportation and environmental planning along the Metro-North railroad corridor.

GBT is working with The City of Bridgeport, Greater Bridgeport Regional Council (GBRC) and other agencies, such as housing and urban development, to connect and grow public transit in this area.


NY & CT Sustainable Communities
Greater Bridgeport Regional Council


Fairfield Metro

The new Metro station, which added a third railroad station to the Metro North commuter line in Fairfield, CT, opened in December 2011. Determining a new vision for the neighborhood and implementing new zoning regulations prior to the station opening allowed the town to better direct the direction of development around transit corridors. GBT is currently working with both Greater Bridgeport Regional Council (GBRC) and The Town of Fairfield to connect bus service with the new train stop.


Greater Bridgeport Regional Council
Farifield Metro on Facebook


Stratford Transit Oriented Development

Stratford's town center is characterized by unusually high congestion due to several factors, including lack of adequate parking for train station, difficult access to train station by vehicles such as shuttles and buses, lack of pedestrian and safe bicycle access between transit points and commercial properties, underuse of centrally located commercial land, and challenging exit and entrance points to I-95.


However, due to Stratford's location in Fairfield County along both I-95 and Metro North railroad, it is a prime location for TOD and is also underused by the public as a public transit commuter point. In October 2011, the State of Connecticut awarded a grant for the creation of a Transit Oriented Development Ordinance. The development of such an ordinance will help Stratford create changes in how it legislates land use policy to focus future projects on addressing challenges in the Town Center area.


Greater Bridgeport Regional Council


Partnering to Connect.

Bridgeport partners with many different agencies and organizations to concentrate on transit oriented development for sustainability and economic growth.


Here's a video that gives a great overview of how different organizations work together:



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