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Service Change to Route 9

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Hourly Service to Quarry Road

Effective: November 25, 2013


GBT is expanding service into the Quarry Road area at the request of our riders and businesses. Over recent years, this area has seen increased development—offices, medical providers, a movie theatre, etc. Due to increased demand, GBT has been able to leverage available resources to provide service to this area via the existing Route 9 bus route. This new service will provide increased access to jobs, medical offices, the Fairchild Wheeler High school, the Bridgeport Police Athletic League and movie theater on Quarry Road.


The Route 9 bus will begin to make deviations to Quarry Road, via Broadbridge Rd., White Plains Rd. and Old Town Rd. Deviations will be made every hour, from 7:12 AM to 6:20 PM. This change will result in hourly service between Huntington Tpk. and Broadbridge Rd. and the Hawley Lane Mall, between the hours of 6:37 AM and 6:38 PM.



All other portions of the Route 9 service will remain at a half hour frequency. This change will only affect weekday Route 9 service.


Stops which will only be serviced once per hour, while the deviation is being made include:

  1. Huntington Tpk. at Opposite 1235 Huntington Tpk.
  2. Penny Ave. at Intervale Rd.
  3. Hawley Lane Mall at Front of Khol’s
  4. Hawley Lane Mall at Front of Target
  5. Hawley Lane Mall at Back of Best Buy
  6. Penny Ave at Huntington Tpk.
  7. Huntington Tpk. at 1235 Huntington Tpk.

All existing Route 9 bus stops, which are not listed above, will be serviced every half hour, as they currently are.


Stops which will be added on this deviation include:

  1. Quarry Rd. at Opposite Bridgeport Police Athletic League Building
  2. Quarry Rd. at Opposite Rear Entrance to Fairchild Wheeler Magnet High School
  3. Quarry Rd. at 112 Quarry Rd.
  4. Quarry Rd. at Rear Entrance to Fairchild Wheeler Magnet High School
  5. Quarry Rd. at Bridgeport Police Athletic League Building

These stops will be serviced weekdays, every hour between 7:06 AM and 6:26 PM.


 Route 9 Schedule & Map - Effective 11/25/13



Radio Cumbre Interviews GBT CEO Douglas Holcomb

First of Four Interviews

GBT kicked off a new partnership with Radio Cumbre in October 2013, in an outreach effort to the Spanish-speaking community. GBT CEO Douglas Holcomb was interviewed about GBT services at the Radio Cumbre studios in downtown Bridgeport.

Three additional interviews are scheduled for the upcoming year. The next interview will occur in January; details will be announced on Facebook and Twitter.

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Rider Alerts

Sep 17, 2017

Tropical Storm Watch – Jose | GBT Alert# 1

This is the time of year when we review our emergency procedures and plans to be sure we are able to keep our services running during severe weather and, if there is an interruption, to resume service as soon as possible following a storm. Part of our preparations include letting our riders and communities know where to go for information about service changes or cancellations during storms of any kind.

Plan ahead, stay safe and keep in touch.


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Advertencia de tormenta tropical “José” | GBT Alerta No. 1

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Planifique con tiempo, cuídese y manténgase en contacto.


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