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Bluefish 2014

Catch a Bluefish Game

Catch a Bridgeport Bluefish Game.

Get $2 off the price of admission to a Thursday home game.

(just show your ZipTrip pass at the stadium)


2013 Thursday Home Game Schedule:

May 1 | 7:05 PM
May 15 | 7:05 PM
May 29 | 7:05 PM
June 19 | 7:05 PM
June 26 | 7:05 PM
August 7 | 7:05 PM
August 21 | 7:05 PM
September 4 | 7:05 PM
September 11 | 7:05 PM

Dates and Times subject to change. Please check the
Bridgeport Bluefish schedule for the more up to date information.

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Rider Alerts

Sep 17, 2017

Tropical Storm Watch – Jose | GBT Alert# 1

This is the time of year when we review our emergency procedures and plans to be sure we are able to keep our services running during severe weather and, if there is an interruption, to resume service as soon as possible following a storm. Part of our preparations include letting our riders and communities know where to go for information about service changes or cancellations during storms of any kind.

Plan ahead, stay safe and keep in touch.


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Advertencia de tormenta tropical “José” | GBT Alerta No. 1

En esta época del año revisamos nuestros procedimientos y planes de emergencia para asegurarnos de que podemos mantener los servicios durante tiempo inclemente y, si hubiera interrupciones, de que podemos resumir el servicio tan pronto como nos sea posible luego de una tormenta. Como parte de nuestros preparativos comunicamos a los usuarios y a las comunidades dónde encontrar información acerca de cambios o cancelaciones en el servicio durante las tormentas de cualquier tipo.

Planifique con tiempo, cuídese y manténgase en contacto.


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