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Know How To Go

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Know How To Go
Kickoff Event

THU June 5 | 10 AM-12 PM | GBT Bus Station


Please join us for the Know How To Go kickoff event at the GBT bus station. Know How To Go is a transportation guide for seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans.

This event will highlight the many transportation alternatives available in Connecticut's southwest region for seniors, veterans and people with disabilities. Scheduled speakers include Margaret Mixon, Regional Mobility Manager from the Kennedy Center, and GBT CEO Doug Holcomb.

Riders with disabilities can easily use our transportation services


We’ll have people on hand to talk with you about travel options and programs. Come and learn more about the many options there are for getting around. Hope to see you there!


“Transportation is a life-line to economic, educational and health care opportunities, as well as serving simple needs.”

–Wendy Bloch, Founder of Mobility Services, The Kennedy Center, Inc.



Wheelchair Welcome.

Access to jobs, medical appointments, shopping and other important community services can sometimes be a challenge. GBT has made getting there easier for seniors and riders with disabilities. All of the city buses are equipped to safely accommodate common wheelchairs and mobility devices.


Priority seating is set aside in the front of the buses. GBT drivers are trained in the safe use of all accessibility equipment and understand the needs of riders with disabilities.


Learn How To Go.

Travel Training is a program that teaches people with disabilities, veterans, and seniors how to use the local bus and rail system safely. Once trained, people find new freedom, self-reliance, and success!





Taxi Voucher Program.

Elaine, a resident of Bridgeport, CT, utilizes the taxi voucher program to get around, “I take the taxi for pleasure, mainly shopping around town. I like having an option when other transportation isn’t available. The wheelchair accessible taxis are important to help people get around better.”




Paratransit Service.

Paratransit bus service for people with disabilities is available throughtout the southwestern region of Connecticut. Wherever there is public bus service, there is usually paratransit service. You can fill out an application with the service provider in your area. 


You can find out more about services in your area by visiting



Get the Guide.


Know How To Go Guide


Know How To Go (PDF) >>

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Rider Alerts

Sep 17, 2017

Tropical Storm Watch – Jose | GBT Alert# 1

This is the time of year when we review our emergency procedures and plans to be sure we are able to keep our services running during severe weather and, if there is an interruption, to resume service as soon as possible following a storm. Part of our preparations include letting our riders and communities know where to go for information about service changes or cancellations during storms of any kind.

Plan ahead, stay safe and keep in touch.


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Advertencia de tormenta tropical “José” | GBT Alerta No. 1

En esta época del año revisamos nuestros procedimientos y planes de emergencia para asegurarnos de que podemos mantener los servicios durante tiempo inclemente y, si hubiera interrupciones, de que podemos resumir el servicio tan pronto como nos sea posible luego de una tormenta. Como parte de nuestros preparativos comunicamos a los usuarios y a las comunidades dónde encontrar información acerca de cambios o cancelaciones en el servicio durante las tormentas de cualquier tipo.

Planifique con tiempo, cuídese y manténgase en contacto.


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Save the Date!


Greater Bridgeport Regional Council


TOD at Stratford Festival

SAT June 7 | 10 am - 5 pm

TOD Table at Main Street Festival, in front of Milford Bank, near flag pole

Find out about transit-oriented development (TOD) in the region and it’s impact of economic development, housing, and accessibility to transit. We’d love to hear your ideas! Come visit our table at the Main Street Festival in Stratford. We’ll be in front of Milford Bank near the flag pole. MORE INFO >>

RECONNECT Community Meeting #2

MON June 9 | 6:30 pm

Fairchild Wheeler High School

Join the Greater Bridgeport Regional Council for a public meeting to share your ideas about what you think about the future of our community. Everyone's input will be utilized in the Regional Comprehensive Plan.  MORE INFO >>


TOD Community Meeting #2

THU June 26 | 6:30 pm

Margaret E. Morton Government Center

(City Hall Annex)
Conference Rooms A & B
999 Broad Street, Bridgeport, CT

Please join us to share your ideas about what our transportation system could look like in the future. MORE INFO >>