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Driver Safety Awards 2015

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At GBT, we take our mission — contributing to a better community through public transportation — seriously. Underlying this mission is safety. Providing safe service to our riders, the people who have come to count on us, is key.


GBT provides more than 21,000 bus rides each day. That’s 2,000 more customers every day than we had just four years ago. GBT drivers are on the road more than 600 hours every day. They drive enough miles each month to travel around the world more than seven times. They operate 24/7, 365 days a year, in all kinds of conditions. To do this without incident is no small achievement.


GBT drives around the world seven times each month


Our supervisors and dispatchers also play a role in the safety of the operation, especially throughout weather and other events that impact our services. They work around the clock, going out on the road in severe weather conditions to make the critical call regarding service levels to insure safety for our drivers and customers.


No service would be possible without our maintenance staff. While they keep the bus fleet running in proper order on a day to day basis, they too have worked around the clock to keep our facilities open during extreme weather events like hurricanes and blizzards. Behind the scenes, many of our key staff members have stayed overnight in our facilities to insure we can operate as soon as possible when weather impacts service.


The dedication of such employees insures that we can meet our mission. These employees often exceed expectations to provide the best service possible. It is GBT’s great pleasure to honor those employees who have provided impeccable service.


Mike Guerrera - 40 Years of Service

Mike Guerrera receives award for 40 years of service

This year we are proud to announce a special award for 40 years of service to Mike Guerrera, a mechanic in our maintenance department.

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Thirty-three GBT bus drivers were honored with Safety Awards for 2015. These drivers have performed at the highest safety levels, without an accident for three or more years; two drivers, Dean Farmassony and Abraham Kagaboo, have driven with without an accident for 10 or more years. An additional 29 drivers have performed without an accident for over one or two years. The full list of award winners is below.


In addition to regular fixed route bus service, GBT provides paratransit service to seniors and riders with disabilities. Four minibus drivers won safety awards for years without an accident, as follows: Selby Quashie (11 Years), Russell Colon (5 years ), Hector Hernandez (5 years) and Angel Rivera (5 years).


GBT Fixed Route
Driver Safety Award Recipients:

Number of years = years without a preventable accident


Dean Farmassony - 15 Years
Abraham Kagabo - 10  Years
Jean Page - 8 Years
Delroy Bennett - 7 Years
Barbara Canales - 7 Years
Jose Cumpa - 7 Years
Gerri Dantzler - 6 Years
Cynthia Palmer - 6 Years
James Gantt, Jr. - 5 Years
Woodrow Minick - 5 Years
Michael Moore - 5 Years
Marsha Smith - 5 Years
Francisco Velez - 5 Years
Ndepo Atse - 4 Years
Nestor Ayala - 4 Years
Glen Hill - 4 Years
Denham Wilson - 4 Years
Rosa Bonner - 3 Years
Franz Cassagnol - 3 Years
Dexter Davis - 3 Years
Lorraine Dennis - 3 Years
Gilberto Diaz - 3 Years
Sandra Diaz - 3 Years
David Farrar - 3 Years
Raul Harris - 3 Years
Kenneth King - 3 Years
Milton Kirton - 3 Years
James McLaine - 3 Years
Glenwood Nelson - 3 Years
Patricia Rabb - 3 Years
Eddie Ryan - 3 Years
Melvin Smart - 3 Years
Coraly Gantt - 2 Years
Ramona Robinson - 2 Years
Cleveland Shelby - 2 Years
Michael Banks - 1 Year
Arnold Charles - 1 Year
William Clark - 1 Year
George Cole - 1 Year
William Correa - 1 Year
Albert Derubis - 1 Year
Marcos Diaz - 1 Year
Juan Febles - 1 Year
Joseph Ferrante - 1 Year
Anaumana Fofana - 1 Year
Linda Gillard - 1 Year
Margaret Goode - 1 Year
Lonnie Hodges - 1 Year
Sean Liggins - 1 Year
Robert Lopez - 1 Year
Rickey Mosby - 1 Year
Edwin Muniz - 1 Year
James Nesmith - 1 Year
Dorothy Nieves - 1 Year
Clifford Perkins - 1 Year
Teisha Reid - 1 Year
Brian Reynolds - 1 Year
Consuelo Rivera - 1 Year
Nathan Steinfeld - 1 Year
Jean Tucker - 1 Year
Charlie Younger - 1 Year



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