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Commute to Train by Bus: Here’s How

Bus to Train? Check it Out.

31% of Train Riders Get There By Bus


The car is not the only way to reach your train connection. A recent study found that thirty-one percent of train riders boarding at Downtown Bridgeport arrived there by bus. It is not surprising when the bus station is connected to the train station by a well lighted, covered pedestrian bridge and most GBT buses arrive at the bus station every 20 or 30 minutes during peak commute times.


Take the bus to the train


By taking the bus to the train, commuters also avoid the cost of parking their cars and dealing first-hand with traffic. An additional benefit is a reduction in carbon emissions and highway congestion in the region. If you are a train rider and have never considered taking the bus to the train or if you are currently searching for a job or planning other travel, it may be worth considering the bus-to-train option.

Commute to train by bus

Downtown Bridgeport is not the only place you can catch a bus to the train. GBT Coastal Link (CL) buses also serve Stratford Station and the Fairfield Station at Unquowa Road. In Stratford, you can also take GBT Route One on Barnum Avenue to Main Street and walk down to the train station.


GBT Routes

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Route 5 | Ruta 5 - To Black Rock via Fairfield Ave. Route 16 | Ruta 16 - South Stratford To Hawley Lane Shopping Center via The Dock Shopping Center with Connector to Trumbull Corporate Park Route 22X | Ruta 22X - Express to downtown Shelton via Route 8 and return with Connector to Shelton Office Park via Bridgeport Ave Route 19X | Ruta 19X - Express to Monroe McDonald's via Route 25 and State Route 111 and return Route 15 | Ruta 15 - From downtown Bridgeport via Huntington Road to Hawley Lane Mall, Shelton, and Derby and return Route 23 | Ruta 23 - From downtown Bridgeport to Derby Train Station via Route 110 in Shelton and Stratford and return Route 14 | Ruta 14 - From Trumbull Mall via State Route 111 to Monroe McDonald's and return Route 18 | Ruta 18 - From Hawley Lane Mall via White Plains Road to Trumbull Mall and return Route 6 | Ruta 6 - From downtown Bridgeport via Noble Ave to Trumbull Mall via Trumbull Ave and return Route 3 | Ruta 3 - From downtown Bridgeport via Madison Ave to Trumbull Mall and return Route 4 | Ruta 4 - From downtown Bridgeport via Park Ave to Trumbull Mall and return Route 17 | Ruta 17 - From Success Park via North Ave and Boston Ave to downtown Bridgeport and return Route 8 | Ruta 8 - Downtown Bridgeport to Trumbull Mall via Main Street Route 9 | Ruta 9 - Seaside Park / University of Bridgeport to downtown Bridgeport to Hawley Lane Mall and return via East Main Street Route 16 | Ruta 16 - South Stratford To Hawley Lane Shopping Center via The Dock Shopping Center with Connector to Trumbull Corporate Park Route 13 | Ruta 13 - To Success Park and back to Bridgeport via Central Ave Route 7 | Ruta 7 - To Carolton Hospital, Fairfield, to Bridgeport via Commerce Drive and return Route 10 | Ruta 10 - To Fairfield Woods and Stillson Rd via Black Rock Turnpike Route 10 | Ruta 10 - To Main Street and Barnum Avenue in Stratford via Hollister Avenue Coastal Link - Norwalk to Bridgeport to The Dock Shopping Center to the CT Post Mall via the Post Road and return Coastal Link - Norwalk to Bridgeport to The Dock Shopping Center to the CT Post Mall via the Post Road and return Route 1 | Ruta 1 - Bridgeport to The Dock Shopping Center via Barnum Ave and return Route | Ruta 20 - . Four daily round trips from Westfield Trumbull Mall to Upper Stepney (Clock Tower Place), in Monroe. Stops are made along State Route 111 (Newtown Turnpike), Spring Hill Road, Trefoil Drive and State Route 25 (Main St.) Route 16 | Ruta 16 - South Stratford To Hawley Lane Shopping Center via  The Dock Shopping Center


If the schedules work for you, there is another compelling reason to take the bus to the train – the Metro North UniTicket program. UniTickets allow riders to take the bus to the train with one easy-to-use monthly or weekly pass at a reduced rate. You can buy a Uniticket when you buy your monthly or weekly MetroNorth train pass.


The cost of the Uniticket (in addition to your train fare) for connections to all GBT buses is $31.00 a month, a savings of $39.00 over GBT's regular 31-day pass. To board GBT buses – just flash your Uniticket to the driver and you’re on. 


UniTicket Information >>

Metro North Train Schedules >>



Rider Spotlight: Susan from Monroe, CT

Choice of Transportation: GBT Route 19 Express

Rider Spotlight: Susan form Monroe


We caught up with Susan at the GBT bus terminal during a recent public event about proposed service changes. Susan commutes from home in Monroe to her banking job in downtown Bridgeport every day. “My husband drops me off at the bus stop and the 19 express brings me to the bus terminal in downtown Bridgeport which is a short walk to my job,” Susan told us. “If there was an additional bus on the weekends, I would take it to my second job in Westport by connecting to the Coastal Link.”


“On the 19 express, we have a nice little commuter club that would highly recommend taking the bus – be green and reduce your carbon footprint.”


Susan uses GBT’s 31-day bus pass and is part of a program that her employer offers which partially pays for the pass and allows Susan to pay for the remainder of the cost with pre-tax dollars. “Now traveling to work costs me about a dollar a day. Without the bus, I would have to go back to my twenty-seven mile commute which used to cost me at least $50 dollars each week.” “It’s nice to have someone else driving me too,” she added.


We asked Susan if there were any improvements that we could make to the service. “I think GBT should do more marketing of the service in suburban locations. A lot of people don’t know about some of the routes.” She also suggested that GBT consider adding an additional evening trip after the 5:41 departure from the downtown bus station heading to Monroe, “an additional trip may be able to attract more of the train commuters from New York,” she said.


Thanks for riding with us Susan!

Interested in the 19 X service between Bridgeport and Monroe? Find out more here.



GBT at the 2016 Statewide Transit Roadeo!

GBT Wins at Roadeo!

Top left to right: Dean Farmassony, Sean Liggins, James Gantt, Larry Kendricks and Marvester Robinson
Bottom: Family and friends along with Driver Ieasha Wright (second from right)!


At the 2016 Connecticut Statewide Transit Roadeo — where the best bus operators from across Connecticut compete in a series of courses designed to test their driving abilities — GBT had three winners:


Marvester Robinson – 2nd Place 40 Foot Bus
Games Gantt – 3rd Place 35 Foot Bus
Larry Kendricks - 2nd Place – Mini-Buses

Congratulations to all of the winners and all those who participated!



Connecticut Statewide Bus Study


Share Your Thoughts About Bus Service

The CT DOT is conducting a statewide study of bus services. Your ideas will be used to help make the bus transit system better meet the needs of Connecticut’s residents and employees. The online workshop will be open from July 25th - August 5th. Go to to participate!

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