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Each year, GBT honors its bus drivers, maintenance employees, and other staff members for safe performance. On Tuesday, February, 16, 2016, an award ceremony was held at the bus station.


Underlying GBTs mission — contributing to a better community through public transportation — is safety. Providing safe service to our riders, the people who count on us every day, is crucial. GBT provides 5.9 million rides a year with more than 21,000 bus rides each day. That’s 2,000 more customers every day than we served just five years ago.


GBT drivers are on the road more than 600 hours every day. They drive enough miles each year to travel around the world more than 84 times. They operate 24/7, 365 days a year, in all kinds of conditions. To do this without incident is no small achievement.


Jean Tucker - 21 Years 

Jean Tucker has been driving GBT buses at the highest safety levels for 21 years!

Jean Tucker has driven GBT buses for 21 years without an accident!


James Gantt - 21 Years 

James Gantt has been driving GBT buses at the highest safety levels for 21 years. James is also a GBT Safety Instructor.

James Gantt has driven GBT buses for 21 years without an accident!


Supervisors and dispatchers also play a role in the safety of the operation, especially throughout severe weather and other emergency events that impact our services. They work around the clock, going out on the road to make the critical call regarding service levels during disruptive weather to insure safety for our riders and drivers.


No service would be possible without the GBT maintenance staff. While they keep the bus fleet running in proper order on a day to day basis, they too have worked around the clock to keep our facilities open during extreme weather events like hurricanes and blizzards. Behind the scenes, many of our key staff members have stayed overnight in our facilities to insure we can operate as soon as possible when weather impacts service.


Maria D'Auria - Excellence in Customer Service award 

Maria D'Auria works in our human resources department and is a specialist in risk management.

Maria D'Auria, Excellence in Customer Service award


“The dedication of such employees insures that we can meet our mission. These employees often exceed expectations to provide the best service possible,” said GBT CEO Douglas Holcomb, ”It’s a great pleasure to honor the people who provide this service.”


61 GBT bus drivers were honored with Safety Awards. 44 of these drivers have performed at the highest safety levels, without an accident for three or more years; four of these drivers have driven without an accident for 20 or more years and three have driven without an accident in 10 to 19 years.


GBT also provides door-to-door paratransit service to seniors and riders with disabilities. Six of these drivers were honored with safety awards. Maintenance and administrative staff were also honored.


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Excellence in Customer Service Award Winners

Maria D’Auria - Administrative
Willie Correa – Bus Driver


Fixed Route Bus Driver Award Winners

NOTE: Number listed = Number of years driving at the highest safety levels

James Gantt - 21
Jean Tucker - 21
Micheal Banks - 20
Gilberto Diaz - 20
Dean Farmassony - 16
Abraham Kagabo - 11
Ndepo Atse - 10
Kimberly Giles - 9
Robert Newman - 9
Jean Page - 9
Rosa Bonner - 8
Lorraine Dennis - 8
Barbara Grant - 8
Bryan Reynolds - 8
Orlando Abrams - 7
Frantz Cassagnol - 7
Gerri Dantzler - 7
Joseph Ferrante - 7
James McLainne - 7
David Farrar - 6
Juan Febles - 6
Coraly Gantt - 6
Linda Gillard - 6
Raul Harris - 6
Lonnie Hodges - 6
Woodrow Minick - 6
Michael Moore - 6
Marsha Smith - 6
Terry Spell - 6
William Correa - 5
Dexter D. Davis - 5
Glen Hill - 5
Milton Kirton - 5
Nathan Steinfeld - 5
Charlie Younger - 5
Sandra Diaz - 4
Kenneth King - 4
Sean Liggins - 4
Clifford Perkins - 4
Nathan Washington - 4
Guy Youte - 3
James Nesmith - 3
Marvester Robinson - 3
George Wright - 3
Darryl Manson - 2
Johanna Dejesus - 2
Albert Derubis - 2
Teisha Reid - 2
Aondre Chapman - 1
Tyrone Craig - 1
Ashley Dejesus - 1
Veronica Green - 1
Noel Phillips - 1
Alexandre Pierre - 1
Mustafa Salahuddin - 1
Jose Semidey - 1
Ieasha Wright - 1
Troy Berrios - 1
Ella Elliot - 1
George Reid - 1
Sindreatra Terry – 1


Paratransit Bus Driver Award Winners

Russell Colon - 15
Hector Hernandez - 5
Selby Quashie - 11
Kontour Keitt - 2
Latoya Manns - 1
Ed Clarke - 1


Maintenance Staff Award Winners

William Alicea
Reuben Barclay
Billy Brown
Henry Brown
Laneil Brown
Norman Brown
Leroy Buchanan
Polo Chiluisa
Julian Dalton
Charles Dean
Garfield Earle
Michele Green
Anibal Gonzales, Jr.
Mike Guerrera
Vincent Guiro
Hector Guzman
St Elmore Haynes
Benjamin Lai
Basel Needham
Jessie Pettway
Miguel Rivera
Mioses Rivera
Warren Rose
Donovan Samuels
Dwyane Scott
Lascelles Stennet
Jerry Thomopson
Robery Venning
Bertram Wright

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