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In January, we asked people to share their stories with us about the bus. The response was overwhelming. There were almost 100 submissions! The responses were from all kinds of people, from students to commuters to seniors. Read on to see what people are saying…

A city as large as Bridgeport cannot survive without an efficient bus system.


“Nearly 90% of public transit trips impact economy through work commute and consumer spending.”
– American Public Transportation Association, Who Rides Public Transportation


Economy & Opportunity

Bus service saves money and provides people with choices, freedom and opportunity. Every day in the Bridgeport region, more than 20,000 trips are made by bus. Since 2012, annual bus ridership has grown by more than 650,000.

In the U.S., transit ridership has increased by 37% since 1995, faster than highway usage (23%) and population (20%). Nationally, more than 51% of transit riders hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and 21% of households earning $100,000 per year, ride public transportation.

“The bus provides me transportation to work and my shopping. I go everywhere on the bus. Work, doctor appointments, grocery shopping.If I need to go somewhere, it's by bus.”
– Helene M.



Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The reach of the bus service extends throughout the region. It helps revitalize business districts, allows employers to tap into larger workforces, builds economic revenues and increases property values. More than 75% of riders are using the bus service to get to work at employment locations throughout the region – without it, many have no alternative way to get there – a disaster for workers and employers.

“I have no other transportation available except buses and trains. I need it for important appointments and in order to work. No busses, no job. There are many people in the same boat with me.”
– Janet T.


Rail Commuters
Rail Commuters

Bus service is an important part of many train commutes and is essential where parking is limited. Approximately 30% of the riders boarding the train at Bridgeport station get there by bus.

“I am someone who commutes from Bridgeport to Manhattan daily, sometimes that includes weekends. It is more cost and energy efficient to take the bus to the Metro North as opposed to driving into the city adding more air and traffic pollution.”
– Y.M.B.



Using the bus reduces congestion and the demand for parking on campus and allows students to work and reach community services. In the Bridgeport region, Students at the University of Bridgeport and Housatonic Community College collectively use the bus around 45,000 times every month.

“The first two years of my college career, public transportation was my only means of transportation to get to school and work. Without GBT I couldn't get to the places that I need to be to help my future and my family.”
– LaBria R.



“I need these routes because of work, school, and/or taking care of business. Plus, I am a disabled rider, which means I need public transportation to get where I need to be.”
– Shelisa B.



Transportation provides a vital lifeline for people with disabilities and allows access to employment, healthcare, education and overall community life. As a matter of civil rights, wherever there is city bus service, there are also special transportation services for riders who, because of their disability, cannot access the city buses. If the service area shrinks, so too will options for seniors and riders with disabilities.

“I no longer drive a car. I am a senior with limited income. The bus is how I get around. [Without bus service] some of the places I visit on a daily basis would be lost to me. Others would be a long, long walk.”
– Robert K.


Environment & Community

Public transportation supports larger goals and policies benefiting everyone, not just the riders. Using the bus reduces congestion and emissions. It reduces dependence on foreign oil, and has been an important part of providing critical response in emergencies like Super Storm Sandy. Buses also play a vital role in supporting the local economy and community.

“The bus is the only link through the different neighborhoods and communities throughout the county. For a very low cost, it allows individuals or groups to get to school, work, or leisure at any time day or night in a safe and reliable form of transportation.”
– Ryan J.

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