GBT Wins Gold Award for Safety

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47% Decrease in Preventable Accident Rate

GBT Receives 2017 Gold Award for Safety from the American Public Transportation Association

You may already know that the bus is one of the safest ways to travel. At GBT, we work hard every day to keep it that way. This year we are pleased to announce that GBT has received a Gold Award for Safety from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). The APTA Bus Safety and Security Excellence Awards recognize public transportation organizations for their “innovative and proactive safety and security programs.”


Safety First

Safety is priority number one in any bus service and GBT is working continuously to improve the safety and reliability. Over the past five years we have made a concerted effort reduce accidents, service delays, and the costs associated with them. This work has resulted in a forty-seven percent reduction in preventable accidents.


Training, Training, Training


Using Rider Feedback and Technology to Improve Safety

Everyday, GBT riders are at the forefront of service. Our riders know the routes, the drivers, and the buses first-hand. We’ve had rider feedback forms on our website for over five years. We treat every single submission seriously.


Customer Complaints per 100,000 Boardings


Each time a form comes in it is databased, reviewed and categorized. Each complaint is investigated when it arrives. We use our online video surveillance systems, our GPS bus tracker, and video surveillance systems at the bus station to look at the data to confirm the information that was submitted to us by a rider. A dedicated team reviews every single submission in a weekly meeting. Our team then addresses any problems found in the investigations.


We Weed Out Causes of Problems Before They Grow


“The Connecticut Department of Transportation is thrilled that Greater Bridgeport Transit has been selected to receive the APTA Gold Award for Safety. As a premier partner in delivering transit services to the Bridgeport area, GBT has demonstrated a laser focus on making safety a top priority. Using every conceivable tool - data, training, in service reviews, direct front line involvement, customer feedback and technology – GBT has developed, implemented and demonstrated continuous improvement in their award-worthy safety program. What is most impressive is that the safety culture has permeated all aspects of GBT service delivery, customer satisfaction, employee recognition and cost reduction. This was all accomplished using targeted, effective communication strategies. GBT has established a safety culture model for the industry.”

—James P. Redeker, Commissioner, CTDOT



New Buses – Welcome Aboard!

One of 35 new buses.
One of 35 new buses.


GBT riders will begin to see new buses in service this June. The new fleet is larger with more seating and each bus is equipped with USB charging ports at each seat, improved lighting, and improved safety features. With new hybrid propulsion systems, they are quieter and more efficient than the diesel buses they will replace.

For Transit Enthusiasts:

  • Bus: 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior (35’ and 40’ Models)
  • Manufactured: New Flyer - Crookston, Minnesota
  • Useful life: 12 Year
  • Engine: Hybrid (Diesel Electric) Drive
  • Lifetime Fuel Savings: 47,058 Gallons (estimated)
  • Features: Passenger USB Charging Ports, Twelve Camera Survelliance System, Protran External Pedestrian Warning System
  • Average Age of GBT Fleet Today: 10.3 years
  • Average Age of GBT Fleet July 1, 2017: 1.4 years
  • Funding: Federal Transit Administration (80%), Connecticut Department of Transportation (20%)

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Rider Alerts

May 24, 2019

Memorial Day Service:
On Monday, May 27, GBT will be operating Sunday service schedules. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Servicio durante el Día de los Caídos:
El lunes 27 de mayo GBT operará según el horario de servicio de los domingos. Deseamos a todos un excelente fin de semana largo.

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