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What does the bus mean to you?

“Sweeping”, “Far-reaching” and “Deep” 

These are the terms used to describe possible budget cuts to the state’s transportation services this year and every business, bus rider, and resident in the region could be impacted by it. 

Bus services provided by GBT will certainly be effected by decisions made in Hartford during this legislative session. Every state agency has been asked to prepare a budget with a 10% decrease in state funding. In addition, several options are being considered that would reduce state funding for bus service, including a 50% reduction option. Just to be clear, a 50% reduction in funding would severely reduce bus service leaving only a few routes in operation.


Imagine Connecticut’s Biggest City and its region without a bus system:

GBT 10% Reduction Map


GBT 50% Service Reduction Map

The inability to invest in bus service means fewer and, in many cases, no mobility options for riders who use buses to get to work, school, hospitals, day care centers, shopping and other critical community services. For many businesses this would mean that employees would have no way to get to work. For residents it would surely mean an increase in street traffic and other changes in communities.

But there is hope. There is also a budget option being explored at the state level that would maintain existing services and allow for future growth in transit services. Working together to find ways to maintain the existing services and plan for growth is in the best interest of every business, rider and resident of the region.


Share Your Story.

Share Your Story.

This story is important and everyone – businesses, bus riders, residents – should have a voice in it.

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How to find your legislator.

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