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Who Can Travel with Me?

It is sometimes hard to manage alone. Access allows others to travel with you, including Escorts and Personal Care Attendants (PCA). An escort is a friend or companion that you may want to take along on your trip. Escorts are required to pay the full fare. A PCA is a person who assists the eligible rider with daily life functions and may provide assistance during the ride or at the destination. The PCA does not pay a fare. Your PCA should be registered with Access.


Your Customer Service Representative must be informed that you will be traveling with an Escort or Personal Care Attendant otherwise; we may not be able to accommodate them. All escorts and PCA’s must have the same pick-up time, origin and destination as the eligible rider.



Time to Go

When your travel day has arrived, here are a few tips to make your trip go smoothly.

Pick-up Window


Be ready and waiting during the half hour pick-up “window” — you will need to remember your pick-up time from your reservation and will need to be waiting where the driver can easily find you. The driver will provide door-to-door assistance to doors at ground level but cannot enter the home of any rider at any time or lift a rider in or out of a vehicle.

The driver will wait up to five minutes for you after he/she arrives. After that, they must move on to their next pick-up.


You will need to have your Access identification card and the exact fare or pre-paid ticket ready to present to the driver when boarding the bus.


Your driver will assist you in loading and unloading grocery bags. Drivers cannot carry bags from stores or into homes. You should take only as many bags/packages as you can manage — we recommend no more than three. Be sure that your bags do not block the walkways or use any seating needed by other riders.


Sometimes weather, traffic conditions, or unexpected events may delay the bus. If the bus has not arrived by the end of the half hour pick-up “window,” you may call the Access dispatch office at 203-579-7777 to inquire about your ride.



Save Big Money


Before applying for Access, you should know that GBT offers extensive city bus service throughout the Bridgeport region.


All GBT city buses are equipped with wheelchair ramps and securement locations for wheelchairs. GBT drivers are trained in the safe use of all accessibility equipment and understand the needs and capabilities of riders with disabilities. For riders who are able to use GBT city bus service, it offers an additional measure of independence (no need to call for a reservation!) and is much less expensive. Below is a table which compares the average annual cost of using the city bus and Access services:


GBT Bus Service - $420 per year

GBT Access - $1,827.00 per year


Even if you are entitled to use the Access service, you may find the regular city bus to be more convenient for some or all of your transportation needs.



Free Travel Training

If you are considering using the public city bus service, and are uncertain about where to begin, we can help. Through The Kennedy Center, Inc. GBT Access offers free travel training. Travel training is a series of one-on-one sessions offered by a professionally trained staff person with the aim of providing a rider with a disability, the independence needed to safely and conveniently use GBT’s bus service.


If you think travel training would be helpful to you, please call us at 203-366-7070, Ext. 131, 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday. We have successfully travel trained many riders in the Bridgeport area and most still travel on our buses.

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