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Growing Ridership

If you are a regular GBT Access rider, you have probably noticed that more and more people are using the bus. In fact, GBT is now providing nearly 14,000 more door-to-door trips annually than we did just four years ago. There has been a steady increase in demand for the service and we are working to meet the growing need.



This is the first in a series of newsletters aimed at helping our riders make the most of the GBT Access service by understanding the best times to ride, what to expect during your pick-up and trip and how to reach us if you have any questions.


Being Ready

The Pick-Up Window

We are depending on you. With the service as busy as it has been, we are asking that all riders be ready when the bus arrives. Beginning in January, our reservation agents will be providing riders with a pick-up time and pick-up window. The pick-up window will be from 15 minutes before the agreed to pick-up time to 15 minutes after that time.



The bus may arrive at any time in this window and we ask that riders be ready to go at any time within this window. To keep the service on-time for everyone, drivers will only be able to wait for five minutes after they arrive for you to begin your boarding. After that, they will need to go on to the next stop.


If you have any questions about the pick-up window, please feel free to call our customer service office at: 203-366-7070 x131.


Change of Plans?

Please Let Us Know

It may surprise you to know that every day, many riders who planned to travel do not and don’t let us know they have changed their travel plans. When the bus arrives and the rider does not travel, that trip could have been provided to another person and the bus is also delayed.


If you have a change in your travel plans, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can adjust the schedule to provide service for another rider. To let us know your plans have changed, you can call the following numbers:


Cancellations the Day Before

If you are calling to cancel your ride the day before your planned trip, call 203-579-7777 and select “1” for our reservation office.


Cancellations the Same Day

If you are cancelling the same day of your planned trip, call 203-579-777 and select “2” for our dispatch office.



Accessible Information

Information is available in alternative formats. Anyone needing service information in any accessible formats should call the Customer Service Department 203-366-7070, x131.


Reasonable Modifications

A reasonable modification means GBT staff takes the time to learn what we can do to ensure access to our service. We consider variations to the usual ways we provide service, to assist riders with disabilities to ensure that any individual’s disability does not preclude her/him from having access to GBT’s services.


Find out more about reasonable modifications by calling 203-366-7070 x131 or visiting GBTs website at


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Rider Alerts

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