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Access News April 2018

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Destination: My Community

Destination: My Community


Finding gainful employment can be difficult for anyone. It can be an even greater challenge for a person with disabilities. When someone is successful in finding a career, transportation should not be a barrier.

“It takes an open minded individual to look beyond a disability, and see, that ability has so much more to offer, than the limitations society tries to place upon them.”
— Robert M. Hensel



GBT Access is working to remove barriers. Our door-to-door transportation for riders with disabilities is one of the most important services we provide. For work, school, social engagement or access to important community services, GBT Access provides the connection for riders who, because of a disability, cannot use the city bus.


Bridgeport resident and foreign language teacher, Joseph (left), has been using GBT Access for many years to get to his job and to get around in the community.


Bridgeport resident and foreign language teacher, Joseph (left), has been using GBT Access for many years to get to his job and to get around in the community.


Every day, GBT Access provides hundreds of door-to-door trips throughout the Bridgeport region. And, as a matter of civil rights, provides service in the same geographic area and during the same days and hours of the city bus.

To learn everything you need to know to make the most of GBT Access ADA service, visit

“This act is powerful in its simplicity. It will ensure that people with disabilities are given the basic guarantees for which they have worked so long and so hard: independence, freedom of choice, control of their lives, the opportunity to blend fully and equally into the rich mosaic of the American mainstream.”
— George H.W. Bush, 1990, on the occasion of the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act



Listen In

Podcast: GBT Access for Seniors and Riders with Disabilities 

In this episode, Doug Holcomb, GBT CEO, discusses door-to-door seervice for seniors and riders with disabilities.


Listen in to other episodes in our podcast series to find out about GBT services, community engagement, safety and other activities that are happening as well as what we’re doing behind the scenes to meet the needs of people in our community. Listen in here.

Note: Podcasts are in English only.


Accessing the City Bus is Easier Than Ever

Accessing the City Bus is Easier Than Ever

Today’s City buses have lots of new features designed to accommodate riders with disabilities — wheelchair securement locations, automatic audio announcements (inside and outside), and low floors with ramps for easy access. Beyond that, GBT offers half fare on city buses for riders with disabilities (that’s $2.00 for an all-day pass!).


If you are considering using the public city bus service, and are uncertain about where to begin, we can help. In partnership with The Kennedy Center, Inc. GBT Access offers free travel training. Travel training is a series of one-on-one sessions offered by a professionally trained staff person with the aim of providing a rider with a disability, the independence needed to safely and conveniently use GBT’s bus service.


If you think travel training would be helpful to you or someone you know, please call us at (203) 366-7070 Extension 131, 9 AM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

We have successfully travel trained riders throughout the Bridgeport region and many still ride with us.
Kennedy Center Travel Training is a nationally acclaimed program that has been teaching people with disabilities and seniors how to safely use the local bus and rail system on a one-to-one basis throughout the state since 1991.


New Access Buses

New GBT Access Buses

This winter, GBT rolled-out a new fleet of twenty-four GBT Access buses. Through a partnership with the Federal Transit Administration and the Connecticut Department of Transportation, we have replaced the majority of the fleet in order to provide you with more comfortable and reliable service.



Let Us Know

Additional Assistance

Maybe there is something that is getting in the way of using the bus service? At GBT, our staff will consider reasonable modifications to our Access or city bus services to assist riders with disabilities and to make sure that any individual’s disability does not preclude her/him from having full access to our services.

If you have a special request, let us know. You can learn more about reasonable modifications by calling 203-366-7070 Extension 131.


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Rider Alerts

May 24, 2019

Memorial Day Service:
On Monday, May 27, GBT will be operating Sunday service schedules. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Servicio durante el Día de los Caídos:
El lunes 27 de mayo GBT operará según el horario de servicio de los domingos. Deseamos a todos un excelente fin de semana largo.

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