Rider Information | Información del pasajero

Rider Information | Información del pasajero

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Riding Know-How

Planning Your Trip

Bus schedules are a handy tool to help you plan your trip. Schedules will tell you where you can board the bus, where you can get off the bus and the times that you can travel. If you need assistance planning your trip, please call a Customer Service Representative at 203-333-3031, as follows:

6:30 AM – 1:30 PM
3:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Boarding the Bus

Be sure to be at the bus stop a few minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival time. Bus stop signs are located every few blocks throughout the service area. When the bus approaches, please wave it down to signal that you want it to stop for you. After the bus has come to a complete stop, it is safe to board. Board the bus using the front door and pay the proper fare. Take a seat as quickly as possible.


Getting off the Bus

About one block from your bus stop, signal the drivers to stop and let you off by pressing the rubber strip next to the window or pulling down on the yellow cord above the window. A chime will sound to alert the driver. The driver will pull over at the next available bus stop to let you off. Please do not stand up until the bus has come to a complete stop. Get off the bus through the rear door. For your safety, please do not cross the street until after the bus has driven away and watch out for local traffic!


Your Driver Can Help

If you're not exactly sure where you need to get off, feel free to let your driver know your destination at the time you board. The driver will alert you when the bus is approaching your stop.


During Severe Winter Weather

Snow and ice are a fact of life in New England. The times listed on the schedules are approximate and are subject to delays from weather or other conditions. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip. In the event of bad weather, please visit our home page for up-to-date information or tune to:

  • AM 600 WICC Radio
  • AM 1450 WCUM (Radio Cumbre)
  • TV News Channel 12

Holiday Service Schedules

GBT bus service operates 365 days/year. However, there are different levels of service on Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. When there are certain holidays, GBT operates its service according to Saturday or Sunday service levels, depending on the holiday. Below is a list of holidays and the type of service we operate on them:

  • New Year's Day — Sunday Service
  • Martin Luther King Day — Saturday Service
  • Presidents Day — Saturday Service
  • Good Friday — Saturday Service
  • Memorial Day — Sunday Service
  • Independence Day — Sunday Service
  • Labor Day — Sunday Service
  • Thanksgiving Day — Sunday Service
  • Christmas Eve — Regular Service
  • Christmas Day — Sunday Service
  • New Years Eve — Regular Service

Lost and Found

Please remember to take all of your belongings with you. When you are getting ready to leave the bus, take a moment to look around you for your keys, books, cell phones, etc.


If you think you left something on the bus, please call 203-333-3031 Monday - Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 12 noon. If your item has been turned in, we'll hold it for you so you can retrieve it.


If you find something someone left behind, please report it to your driver or turn it in at the information window in the Bus Station.


Lost and Found Office Hours:

6:30 AM – 1:30 PM
3:30 PM – 6:30 PM


Safety and Security


Traveling to a Bus Stop

Please use caution traveling to and from any bus stop. Always use crosswalks and watch for traffic. Always stand back as the bus approaches and never run after a bus. When getting off a bus, please wait for it to pull away before crossing the street - never cross the street in front of the bus, as oncoming traffic can't see you and may not stop.


Cameras on the Bus

For your safety and security, activities on the bus may be recorded by video cameras. Any recordings made by the GBT may be turned over to the appropriate authorities.


See Something? Say Something!

If we all work together, we can increase the safety and security of our public transportation system.


Be aware of:

  • Suspicious people or unusual activity, like someone acting nervously, sweating, wearing inappropriate clothes such as a a heavy coat in hot weather.
  • Smoke or odd smells
  • Unattended bags, packages, boxes, backpacks, etc.

If you notice any of these things:

  • Stay away and tell the bus operator or contact the police
  • Never confront suspicious individuals
  • Never use cell phones near suspicious packages


  • Remember to take all your belongings when you leave the bus or bus stop
  • In the event of an emergency, follow the bus operator's instructions
  • Take notice of, and in an emergency use, emergency exit procedures listed next to the bus windows and doors and on the ceiling escape hatches.
  • Report anyone tampering with the surveillance cameras to the driver


Safe Place

Project Safe Place is a program to assist young people in crisis situations. The program works by creating a network of “safe places” — business and public locations that display the safe place sign on their property. GBT buses are designated safe places. When a youth in a crisis situation enters a bus and requests help through the safe place program, a process is set in motion to provide assistance. For more information about Project Safe Place, please call 203-366-7070.


We're Committed to Your Safety & Security

Please Take Note: Violence on Transit Systems is illegal. It is a federal crime to commit acts of terrorism or violence — or to threaten such acts — against transit systems and transit system employees. This includes acts intended to cause death or injury to transit system employees and/or passengers.


Bikes on Board

All GBT buses are equipped to carry your bicycle. Our bike racks can accommodate a wide variety of bicycles and the loading time is minimal. Bike racks are "first come, first serve" with a two-bike maximum per bus.


Loading a Bike:

  • Be off your bike and waiting at the bus stop so the driver will recognize you as a passenger. Remove all loose items, water bottles, pumps, etc. before loading your bike on the rack.
  • After the bus has come to a complete stop, and you are sure that the driver sees you, move to the bike rack at the front of the bus.
  • Load the bike from the curb side ONLY and never the traffic side of the bus. Remember to make eye contact with the driver!
  • Squeeze up on the chrome release that is located in the middle of the handle and lower the rack from its upright position,


Unloading a Bike:

  • Don't forget your bike!
  • Inform the bus driver that you will be unloading your bike as the bus approaches your stop.
  • Use the front door to exit the bus.
  • Unload your bike from the curb side, never the traffic side. Remember to make eye contact with the driver!
  • Raise the support arm off the front tire and fold it down to its original position.
  • Lift your bike off the rack.
  • Squeeze up on the chrome release that is located in the middle of the handle and raise the rack to its upright position.
  • Step away from the bus to the curb with your bike, wait until the bus leaves.
  • Never proceed directly in front of the bus into traffic

Reasonable Modifications

GBT considers reasonable modifications to its services to assist riders with disabilities and to ensure that any individual’s disability does not preclude her/him from having full access to GBT’s services. If you have a special request, you can find out more about reasonable modifications by calling 203-366-7070, Ext. 131.

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Apr 18, 2019

Good Friday Service
On Friday, Spril 19, Good Friday, GBT will be operating a Saturday schedule, with Routes 23 and 22x still operating.

Servicio el Viernes Santo
El viernes 19 de abril (Viernes Santo), GBT cumplirá el horario de los sábados, y las Rutas 23 y 22x seguirán operando.

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