The Terminal

710 Water Street
Bridgeport's Intermodal Transportation Center Bus Station


While traveling with us, you may pass through the Bridgeport Intermodal Transportation Center Bus Station. A short walking distance from Downtown Bridgeport, the fully accessible station provides a climate controlled indoor waiting area for local and interstate bus riders, ticketing and information offices, bathrooms and a coffee shop.


Creating a "sense of place" and a welcoming environment at the new bus station in downtown Bridgeport was always an important part of its design. From its conception, the Bus Station phase of the Bridgeport Intermodal Transportation Center was intended to be a high-quality facility that would become an important part of the revitalized downtown area, as well as a place that would welcome bus riders and those connecting to Amtrak and Metro-North rail services and the Bridgeport — Port Jefferson Ferry.


It was envisioned as not only the hub of the region's bus services, but a safe, clean and hip place to make connections.


The site, located at the intersection of Water Street and Stratford Avenue in Downtown Bridgeport, includes 17 bus berths with canopies covering the exterior waiting areas, a 10,000 square-foot building, which includes a 3,000 square-foot interior waiting space for riders, local and interstate ticketing offices and a “community room” which is available for public and other meetings. The Station is connected to the adjacent railroad station's platforms by way of an elevated, covered pedestrian bridge. A second such bridge continues the connection from the train station to the Bridgeport — Port Jefferson Ferry Terminal and a commuter parking lot shared by the Arena at Harbor Yard, home to the Bridgeport Bluefish.


Several art features were added to make the facility more welcoming and interesting.


Collectively, they represent an effort to offer riders amenities beyond what one would expect of the traditional bus station. To the predominantly concrete, glass and steel construction were added a custom bicycle rack, nine reproductions of Works Progress Administration (WPA) murals, twelve illuminated, image-embedded glass windscreens and a salvaged steel sign that once stood above the trolley doors of the Connecticut Railway and Lighting (CR&L Lines) trolley barn that, coincidently, was being demolished on the abutting site to make way for another new development at the time construction for the bus station commenced. These elements are functional, an interesting mix of old and new, and have delighted many who have visited the site.


The original site plan accommodated bicycles using the standard "wave" configuration, which was functional but not at all interesting. After reviewing several options for custom bicycle racks the design group settled on a custom rack in the shape of a fish, painted blue to be representative of the bluefish which swim along Bridgeport's coast in Long Island Sound. The fish adorns the corner of Stratford Avenue and Water Street in downtown.


At the time of the construction, the WPA murals were in storage at the Discovery and Barnum Museums in Bridgeport. The scenes depicted were of manufacturing processes of the former, world-famous Bridgeport Brass Co., whose sprawling complex stood just a half-mile up the street from the Station, to represent the heavy defense-related activities which took place in Bridgeport during World War II. While not transit related, being revealed to residents for the first time on over 40 years, they add to the facility a touch of the City's heritage as the "Arsenal of Democracy".


Because of traffic, temperature and lighting in the waiting area, full scale replicas of the murals were created and mounted throughout the facility. The originals remain safely in storage at the Museums.


One of the most functional, and interesting, artistic elements at the site are the illuminated windscreens.

The construction plans called for the installation of twelve glass screens to protect riders from the wind coming off of the Pequonnock River immediately east of the site. Tempered glass with a plastic interlinear, which would allow for the inclusion of permanent art between the glass panes was used. The GBT retained an artist to create photographs of local scenes focusing on mobility which could be enlarged, in silhouette form, and incorporated in the six by twelve-foot screens. To the photos, the artist added excerpts of text from classic travel novels. The text was added in such a way that, from a distance, the screens depict the mobility scenes (ferries, trains, people walking, bicycles, taxis and, yes, buses). However, as one draws nearer, the text is revealed so that, as riders wait for their buses, they can enjoy portions of Jules Verne's "Around the World in Eighty Days", Herman Melville's "Moby Dick", Thoreau's essay on walking and a number of other classics.


To remind riders and others passing through the facility of the history of transportation in the region, the team salvaged the steel C R & L Lines sign from the neighboring Trolley Barn being demolished. C R & L was a large, local, publicly-traded transportation and utility concern which operated trolleys until the 1940s, replacing them with buses until they went out of business in the 1970s. Its Bridgeport facility was built some 100 years ago on the property next door to where the new bus station sits. After C R & L closed, the facility housed the City of Bridgeport's Public Works Department which, in turn, vacated the century-old garage for newer digs and to make room for the construction of a new Juvenile Justice Center. As the building was being demolished, it was discovered that C R & L's old steel signage had never been removed when they went out of business. The large, weather-beaten sign was salvaged, and mounted high up on the south wall of the Station's lobby as a tribute to generations of men and women who preceded us in operating transit in the area over the past century.


We hope you will have the time to visit the Station.


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Apr 18, 2019

Good Friday Service
On Friday, Spril 19, Good Friday, GBT will be operating a Saturday schedule, with Routes 23 and 22x still operating.

Servicio el Viernes Santo
El viernes 19 de abril (Viernes Santo), GBT cumplirá el horario de los sábados, y las Rutas 23 y 22x seguirán operando.

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