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Featured Campaign: Annual Earth Day Event




For the last five years, GBT promotes green initiatives during the month of April, culminating in an event at the bus station on Earth Day. Below is graphic overview of a typical campaign. (Click on the image to see a larger PDF):


Earth Day is promoted with posters, bus announcements, bus tails, via email newsletter, on local radio, on the website and via social media. Here are some examples of the many types of posts we create in social media (click on any image to see a larger version):



Featured Campaign: Words on Wheels

The annual Earth Day event is utilized to kick off another annual event, Words on Wheels, which is a collaborative program between Bridgeport Public Schools, GBT, and General Electric. During the school year, Bridgeport Public School students are invited to submit poetry which is then printed on display posters which are installed on GBT buses during the months of april, May and June. The student poets are invited to conduct a poetry reading at the GBT bus station during Earth Day events.







Public Events and Outreach

In addition to Earth Day and Words on Wheels, GBT conducts several other events each year including Open Houses where we invite riders to come talk with us about their needs, Public Hearings, and monthly Passenger ambassador meetings where we invite a committee of riders — typically one regualr rider from each bus route — to meet with GBT administrators to get input and to discuss needs.

Below are Facebook posts and images from various Open Houses over the last year:





Seat Drop Cards

GBT utilizes double sided seat drop cards in English and Spanish to let riders know about upcoming events. Below is an example from an Open House event in 2012.



On Board and Terminal Announcements

Events are broadcast to riders via the on-board speaker system and at the terminal.




GBT utilizes a variety of print mediums to engage the community including brochures, maps, guides and the occassional print ad. 




Infographics are created for a variety of public outreach efforts and are used on posters, in bus shelters, at the terminal, and are broadcast via social media. Below are examples from Earth Day 2013:








Communicating with our riders and community out on the road is of vital importance to GBT; we utilize bus shelter posters, bus boards, outdoor posters, banners, and signs to reach out to riders and contituents alike. Below are some examples:



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Rider Alerts

Apr 18, 2019

Good Friday Service
On Friday, Spril 19, Good Friday, GBT will be operating a Saturday schedule, with Routes 23 and 22x still operating.

Servicio el Viernes Santo
El viernes 19 de abril (Viernes Santo), GBT cumplirá el horario de los sábados, y las Rutas 23 y 22x seguirán operando.

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