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Featured Campaign: Blizzard Nemo February 2013


An email announcement was sent prior to the storm (click on image to see full email):



An alert was posted prior to the storm. Rider alerts are posted to the home page and emailed and/or texted (based on subscribers' preferences) to subscribed riders' mobile devices. No screenshots are available of the alert that was sent. All rider alerts link to a webpage with alert details: Blizzard Warning for Connecticut.



Facebook and Twitter announcements were posted in English and Spanish prior to the storm. Social media was monitored during and after the storm and updates to service were posted several times per day while the week-long cleanup continued. Below are samples of Facebook posts, including responses to questions from riders (click on images to see larger versions):





A website page was created listing routes in operation after the storm. This page was promoted via Rider Alerts and Social Media each time the it was updated after the storm. The page was updated multiple times per day during the week-long clean-up following the storm (click on image to go to the webpage):



Social Media



GBT utilizes Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates to riders during emergencies. Emergency closures, detours, and delays are broadcast throughout emergencies and rider responses are monitored and responded to. In recent years social media has been a vital tool, especially when the region has experienced electrical outages for days and even weeks.


Prior to known upcoming emergencies such as hurricanes and blizzards, GBT team members work in tandem with the emergency management center in Bridgeport and test and insure in advance that devices are available for outreach should power be lost. In some cases, GBT team members have been stranded at home but were still able to provide vital communications to riders.



Rider Alerts via Website, SMS and Email

Prior to known emergencies such as extreme weather GBT prepares and posts Rider Alerts to the website and broadacsts to riders' mobile devices via text message and by email. Riders can sign up for these broadcasts through a simple Rider Alert sign-up form on the website.




Detailed emails are typically sent out 24-48 hours before a known emergency to GBT's newsletter subscriber list. In cases of unexpected emergencies, GBT team members initally provide information via social media and rider alerts while coordinating with disaster and/or emergency agencies and personnel to attain the required information in order to broadcast a detailed email as soon as is possible. For example, after the 2013 Metro North train derailment in Bridgeport, CT, GBT team members worked over the weekend to produce an email that was sent out on Sunday, which communicated critical commuter information to riders.



Local Radio & News

GBT coordinates with local radio and news stations, including local Spanish radio, to broadcast information about servcie during emergencies. Local stations include: News 12 Cable TV, Radio Cumbre 1450 AM (Spanish), and WICC 600 AM.

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