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Ride Free Summer Weekends 2021 🌞 Where to Ride This Weekend

Whether you have been riding with us throughout the pandemic, are just coming back, or are taking the bus for the first time, WELCOME ABOARD! Along with other public transit agencies across Connecticut, GBT will be offering weekend fare-free bus service this summer. Now, through Labor Day, Monday September 6, 2021, riders can take any … Continue reading “Ride Free Summer Weekends 2021 🌞 Where to Ride This Weekend”

Tropical Storm Watch ● July 8, 2021

Tropical Storm Watch ● July 8, 2021 Plan Ahead. This is the time of year when we review our emergency procedures and plans to be sure we are able to keep our services running during severe weather and, if there is an interruption, to resume service as soon as possible following a storm. Part of … Continue reading “Tropical Storm Watch ● July 8, 2021”