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Bus Tracker Help

How to Use the Bus Tracker

Greater Bridgeport Transit (GBT) recently made some changes to the Bus Tracker, which will allow it to better present on your mobile device. “ADA Departure Times” is a special part of Bus Tracker, that is specific to mobile devices. Simply follow these three steps to find out how far away your bus is.

  1. Select the GBT route you are interested in.
  2. Select your direction of travel.
  3. Select the bus stop you are interested in.

A schedule of the next three departure times, from the GBT bus stop you selected will come up on your screen. The times in large bold font are “real-time” and will change slightly as the bus gets closer to the bus stop. The smaller font underneath each time is the scheduled time that the bus should arrive.

How to Get to the Map

  1. On the menu bar select the “Maps” menu.
  2. Select “Google Maps”
  3. Select the route you are interested in viewing from the “View Live Map” drop down menu.

How to See All the Stops on a Route

To see all of the bus stops on a route, turn on “Minor Stops”. You can also turn on “Satellite View” and use “Street View” to help you navigate.

Tip – to view the map more easily when using a mobile device, turn your device so that the screen is in landscape view.

How to View Multiple Routes

Want to view more than one bus route at a time? Follow these steps.

  1. On the menu bar select the “Maps” menu.
  2. Select “Multi-Route Map” (not recommended for mobile device users)
  3. Click on the routes you are interested in viewing.

How to View the Schedule

Finally – you can view our schedules within Bus Tracker, without having to navigate back to Follows these steps to get there.

  1. On the menu bar select the “Schedule” menu.
  2. Select the route are interested in, direction of travel and date you are interested in. The date is important because the schedule can be different on different dates.
  3. Select “View Schedule”

We hope you find this tool useful in navigating GBT’s transit network.


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Thanks for helping us out. We really appreciate it and will use your feedback to make things even better.