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5M+ Bus Rides in Bridgeport

Public transportation is vital to all Connecticut residents. It: Helps commuters get to and from jobs Reduces highway congestion and contributes to a healthier environment Fosters the state’s economic viability and growth Empowers people to move up the socio-economic ladder Enables seniors to age at home Assists people with disabilities to participate productively in the … Continue reading “5M+ Bus Rides in Bridgeport”

More Bus Shelters. More Safety. Ride Easy with GBT.

Clean, safe, accessible public transportation is an important part of the Greater Bridgeport Community and GBT is committed to investment in passenger amenities – such as benches, lighting, shelters, new technology, passenger information systems, and security. Our goal is to keep our 5M annual riders safe and comfortable as they use the bus to get … Continue reading “More Bus Shelters. More Safety. Ride Easy with GBT.”

Welcome to the New GBT Website.

You asked. We listened. Last Fall we met with riders to find out what people wanted in a new website and we heard lots of good ideas. We also looked at the data to see what content and technologies people were using so that the new site would work best to meet the needs of … Continue reading “Welcome to the New GBT Website.”