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GBT’s services offer several features to assist senior citizens with their mobility.

Senior Rider Special Features

Fully Accessible Buses

All GBT buses are fully accessible and can accommodate mobility devices like walkers and wheelchairs. Each bus has securement systems for two wheelchairs.

Kneeler and Ramp

Every bus has a kneeling feature making the step-up into the bus easier. If you would prefer, you can ask the driver to put out the ramp so there is no step at all to enter.


For your safety, every bus is equipped with a surveillance system which monitors all areas inside and outside of the bus.

Automatic Annoucements

All GBT buses have automatic stop announcements for major connecting points. If you are uncertain about your stop, just ask your driver. She or he will be glad to assist you.


If you have never used the bus or if you would like some refresher training, we can help. Just call our customer service office at (203) 333-3031 and our agents can walk you through the process – it’s easy!

Special Half Fare

If you are 65 years of age or older, you are entitled to half fare on GBT buses. To take advantage of the half-fare program just show the driver a Medicare Card (Red White and Blue) or the Connecticut Elderly or Disabled Card. An application for the card is available here. Or, you can have one sent to you by calling our customer service office at (203) 333-3031.

Your Driver Can Help

GBT drivers are trained in understanding the needs and capabilities of seniors and riders with disabilities. If you have any questions or need assistance – please ask your driver. If you have any questions, would like assistance planning your next trip with us or need any additional assistance, please call our customer service office at (203) 333-3031.