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The cash fares for the GBT system are:

90-minute ZipTrip Pass
All-day ZipTrip Pass
Senior / Disabled
Please note that the proper I.D. is required at boarding when taking advantage of the Senior/Disabled Fare. Proper I.D. includes a Medicare card or the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Transit Reduced Fare Photo Identification Card for Senior Citizens (65 years or older) and Persons with a Qualifying Disability (any age). If you would like an application for this card, please call 203-333-3031.

ZipTrip — Time to Ride

When it’s time to pay your fare, the GBT ZipTrip program gives you a wide range of easy, money-saving choices.

ZipTrip 90-Minute

Request when you board.

ZipTrip 1-Day Unlimited

Request when you board.

ZipTrip 7-Day Unlimited
ZipTrip 31-Day Unlimited
ZipTrip Half-Fare

Seniors, persons with disabilities, and holders of a medicare card pay half fare all the time with proper ID.

ZipTrip Youth Pass

Use the GBT Bus System weekdays for a 31-day period for $45 with proper ID. Must be 17 years of age or younger.

ZipTrip FAQ

What is the base fare?

The fare is $1.75 for 90 minutes of unrestricted ride time – any bus, in any direction, as often as you like.

Are transfers free?

There is no need for transfers. With the fare of $1.75, all riders can enjoy 120 minutes of unrestricted bus use-and ride, any bus, in any direction.

Do I need exact change?

Yes. For a ZipTrip 120-Minute or All-Day, you will need exact change.

Can I use tokens?

Yes, the GBT will still sell tokens at the Bridgeport Bus Terminal for $1.75 each.

Can I use the ZipTrip to transfer to a Wheels, Milford Transit, CTTransit, Valley Transit or HART bus?

Yes, the GBT ZipTrip passes are accepted when transferring from a GBT bus. On your return trip, you will need to pay the fares required by the other systems.

Can I share my ZipTrip with someone else?

All ZipTrip passes are non-transferable and can only be used by the person who buys it. Also, each ZipTrip has a “pass-back” feature that prevents it from being used by other riders.

Who is eligible for half-fare ZipTrip passes?

People aged 65 and over, people with disabilities and holders of a valid Medicare Card, are allowed to use our services for half-fare with proper I.D. Proper I.D. for elderly and disabled persons is the Connecticut Elderly or Disabled Identification Card for Reduced Fares on State Subsidized Public Transportation Services. Applications for this card are available here or by calling 203-333-3031. No additional I.D. is required when showing a valid Medicare Card.

Where can I purchase a ZipTrip pass?

120-Minute & All-Day ZipTrip cards must be purchased on board. 7- and 31-Day ZipTrip passes can be purchased at any of the following convenient locations:

Customer Service Booth (within the GBT Bus Station):

710 Water Street, Bridgeport
9:30am – 1:30pm (closed for lunch)
1:30pm – 6:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
6:00am – 12:00pm (closed for lunch)
12:30pm – 2:30pm


Stop & Shop
4537 Main St.
(Served by: Route 8)

Stop & Shop
2145 Fairfield Ave.
(Served by: Route 5 & Coastal Link)


Stop & Shop
760 Villa Ave.
(Served by: Route 10)

Stop & Shop
1160 Kings Highway Cut-Off
(Served by: Route 7 & Coastal Link)


Stop & Shop
Dock Shopping Center – 200 East Main St.
(Served by: Route 1 & Coastal Link)


Stop & Shop
100 Quality St.
(Served by: Route 19 Express)