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The cash fares for the GBT system are:

90-minute ZipTrip Pass
All-day ZipTrip Pass
Senior / Disabled
Please note that the proper I.D. is required at boarding when taking advantage of the Senior/Disabled Fare. Proper I.D. includes a Medicare card or the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Transit Reduced Fare Photo Identification Card for Senior Citizens (65 years or older) and Persons with a Qualifying Disability (any age). If you would like an application for this card, please call 203-333-3031.

ZipTrip — Time to Ride

When it’s time to pay your fare, the GBT ZipTrip program gives you a wide range of easy, money-saving choices.

ZipTrip 90-Minute

Request when you board.

ZipTrip 1-Day Unlimited

Request when you board.

ZipTrip 7-Day Unlimited
ZipTrip 31-Day Unlimited
ZipTrip Half-Fare

Seniors, persons with disabilities, and holders of a medicare card pay half fare all the time with proper ID.

ZipTrip Youth Pass

Use the GBT Bus System weekdays for a 31-day period for $45 with proper ID. Must be 17 years of age or younger.

ZipTrip FAQ

What is the base fare?

The fare is $1.75 for 90 minutes of unrestricted ride time – any bus, in any direction, as often as you like.

Are transfers free?

There is no need for transfers. With the fare of $1.75, all riders can enjoy 90 minutes of unrestricted bus use-and ride, any bus, in any direction.

Do I need exact change?

Yes. For a ZipTrip 90-Minute or All-Day, you will need exact change.

Can I use tokens?

Yes, the GBT will still sell tokens at the Bridgeport Bus Terminal for $1.75 each.