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Rail Commuters

Commuter Rail Connections

If you are a rail commuter, GBT buses can connect you to several stations in the region. Here is a list of the stations and the GBT routes that serve them:

  • Stratford Station – Coastal Link and Route 23
  • Bridgeport Station – The bus terminal is part of Water Street Intermodal Center and offers a covered pedestrian bridge to the rail platforms.
  • Fairfield Metro Center – GBT Route 7 (currently limited service)
  • Fairfield Station – Coastal Link
  • Derby Station – Route 15 and Route 23
  • Milford Station – Coastal Link

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The Uniticket Option

If you are a rail rider considering traveling to the station by bus, you should know about the Metro North Uniticket Program. For a fraction of the price of a monthly bus pass, you can upgrade your train ticket to a bus/train ticket with a Uniticket endorsement. For more information about the Uniticket program, please contact Metro North: