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Building a Better Community Through Public Transportation

Customer Experience Pop Up Event

GBT is assisting the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) in the development of a Customer Experience (CX) Action Plan for public transportation. The intent of the plan is to collect information and feedback from passengers regarding their experiences with public transportation.

CT DOT Customer Experience Action Plan - Putting Customers First

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
GBT Bus Station • 710 Water Street
11 AM – 3 PM

The information collected will be the center of the CX Action Plan. It will be used to identify and prioritize areas for improvement and outline future programs and investments. Read the details in CTDOT’s Press Release.

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.”
Clare Muscutt

Other Ways to Share Your Thoughts with GBT


Go to the GBT website Customer Service page. Use the “Your Ideas” or the “Report It” form to submit your thoughts.


By Phone:


Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 6:00pm

Weekends & Holidays: 8:30am – 4:30pm

“Until you understand your customers — deeply and genuinely — you cannot truly serve them.”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

What Happens Next?

Here at GBT we take customer complaints seriously. An internal team meets weekly to review any complaints filed. In some cases, we may need to review video and audio surveillance from buses or the bus station. We may also contact the person who filed the complaint to get more information.

Once the complaint is reviewed it is categorized, as follows:

A complaint that needs action

  • Service disruption due to external circumstance (extreme weather, unanticipated road closure, etc.)
  • Mechanical failure
  • A late bus

A need for more or better bus service

  • More frequent bus service needed
  • The bus needs to run earlier or later
  • The bus doesn’t go where people need it

After we categorize the type of complaint, we contact the person who filed the complaint to let them know the outcome.

All complaints are databased so that we can utilize the information to help us understand and fix recurring problems and inform our training programs.

"We Weed out Problems Before They Grow." - Bernie Bausch, GBT Manager of Transportation Operations

We’re Listening. We’re Taking Action.

The majority of the feedback we receive leads us to make changes to improve service.

Engage, Interact, Improve.

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Seeing & Being Greener

Seeing & Being Greener

Seeing & Being Greener

In 2020, GBT began testing the state’s first two electric buses ― the Proterra Catalyst, designed and manufactured in the USA. With zero tailpipe emissions, this is the first step toward a greener, cleaner transit future.

GBT Zero Emission Electric Buses

After testing, the buses began operating on regular bus routes in 2021. Currently, there are an additional three electric buses ― the Proterra ZX5 ― on order which are expected later this year. And, the planning has begun to add six more electric buses after that. This will bring the fleet to nearly 20% zero emission buses by the end of 2024. Planning is also underway for more clean propulsion systems after that.

For the past year, we have been monitoring the performance of the first two buses and are seeing positive results:

GBT Electric Buses - 32 Thousand Miles Traveled

GBT Electric Buses - 8 Thousand Gallons of Fuel Saved

GBT Electric Buses - 78.4 Metric Tons Less CO2

CT Electric Bus Initiative

The GBT electric bus project is made possible through a partnership with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT), CTTransit, the Center for Transportation and the Environment and American bus manufacturer Proterra.

GBT Zero Emission Electric Bus

What about the source of the electricity? Is it cleaner?

Yes! The emissions savings shown are what is known as Well-to-wheel (WTW) and take into account power plant, refinery, and other emissions. So, what we are seeing is the net result of the cleaner propulsion systems.

Who is benefiting?

Everyone shares in the benefits of cleaner propulsion systems, especially in places where residents are exposed to higher levels of air, water, and noise pollution. These buses are deployed on all GBT routes which center on downtown Bridgeport and the surrounding neighborhoods. They rotate between routes daily, sharing the benefits throughout the service area. As cleaner and quieter buses are introduced to the fleet in the future, the benefits will increase.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.”

―Native American Proverb

Earth Day 2022 - GBT Globe

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Thank You for Wearing a Mask

Thank You for Wearing a Mask

Wear A Mask. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. #InThisTogether

Masks are still encouraged on public transportation

Thank you for wearing a mask on the bus. Your cooperation has helped us to continue to serve the public throughout the pandemic, protecting each other and GBT employees. While you may have heard the news that the mask mandate on public transportation has been lifted, GBT still encourages wearing a mask while on board the bus or at the station and stops.

CDC Continues to Recommend Masks

Regardless of the lifting of the mask mandate, with the COVID-19 positivity rate on the rise once again, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend that people wear masks in public transportation settings at this time.

“Staying 6 feet away from others is often difficult on public transportation…People may not be able to distance themselves by the recommended minimum of 6 feet…on airplanes, trains, or buses.”—Centers for Disease Control

Help Protect Bus Drivers

Wearing a mask on the bus helps prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Wearing a mask helps us protect ourselves, others, and the drivers who encounter a growing number of daily riders. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Please Help Keep Everyone Safe.

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Earth Day 2022

Earth Day Butterfly 2022


Greener Bridgeport Transit

When bus riders choose public transportation, we reduce our impact on the environment. Each time a rider takes the bus, they contribute to a reduction in Green House Gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. Riders also help reduce demand on non-renewable resources (fossil fuels), and reduce congestion and the accompanying pollution. Clean air and a healthy planet are important for all of us. So, on Earth Day 2022, all of us at GBT thank all of our riders for doing their part for a healthier world.

GBT Zero Emission Buses

At GBT we have been working to do our part by converting our fleet to battery electric buses with zero tail pipe emissions. The first two zero emission buses are already on the road in the Bridgeport region and three more will be joining them soon. We are planning a cleaner, quieter, healthier and more efficient bus system for the region – so we can all breathe a little easier. Learn more about GBT’s cleaner Zero Emission Bus program>>

Thank you for going GBT!

This year, to thank our riders for doing their part for the environment and sticking with us through the pandemic, we are planning some give-aways at the Water Street Station:


GIVE-AWAYS! Starting at 7 AM

While supplies last

Tote Bags
Seeded Cards
Butterfly Tattoos

GIVE-AWAYS! Starting at 3:30 PM

While supplies last

Seeded Cards
Butterfly Tattoos

Earth Day 2022 - GBT Globe

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GBT Safety Awards 2022

GBT Safety Awards 2022

Keeping It Safe Every Day

GBT Safety Awards 2022

Each year, GBT honors its bus drivers, maintenance employees, and other staff members for safe performance. On Monday, March 21, 2022, an award ceremony was held at the bus station.


Underlying GBT’s mission — contributing to a better community through public transportation — is safety. Providing safe service to our riders, the people who count on us every day, is crucial. GBT is now providing more than 10,000 rides each day — and this number is growing as people are getting back out and about.

GBT drivers are on the road more than 540 hours every day. They drive enough miles each month to travel around the world more than six times. They operate, 365 days a year, in all kinds of conditions. To do this without incident is no small achievement.

“These employees often exceed expectations to provide the best service possible. It’s a great pleasure to honor them all.”
—Douglas Holcomb, GBT CEO

Drivers with 15+ Years of Safety

We don’t have photos of everyone because… bus drivers were out driving.

James Gantt – 27 Years Safety Award

James Gantt - 27 Year Safety Award

James Gantt has been driving GBT buses at the highest safety levels for 27 years. James is also a GBT Safety Instructor.

Michael Banks – 24 Years Safety Award

Michael Banks has been driving GBT buses at the highest safety levels for 24 years.

Dean Farmassony – 22 Years Safety Award

Dean Farmassoney - 22 Yeas Safety Award

Dean Farmassony has been driving GBT buses at the highest safety levels for 22 years. Dean is also a GBT Safety Instructor.

Abraham Kagabo – 17 Years Safety Award

Abraham Kagabo has been driving GBT buses at the highest safety levels for 17 years.

Selby Quashie – 17 Years Safety Award

Selby Quashie has been driving GBT paratransit buses at the highest safety levels for 17 years.

Fixed Route Bus Driver Award Winners

NOTE: Number listed = Number of years driving at the highest safety levels

Ruben Acapana • 1
Carnel Brown • 1
Steven Carter • 1
Tyrone McCray • 1
Hector Roman • 1
Dwayne Rucker • 1
Latasha Streater • 1
Shawn Tobin • 2
Eloiso Vega • 3
Lisa Aponte • 4
Axel Champagne • 4
Wendy Martinez • 4
Troy Berrios • 5
Ella Elliot • 5
Veronica Green • 5
Jean Robert Labastille • 5
Alexandre Pierre • 5
Ieasha Wright • 5
William Correa • 6
Tyrone Craig • 7
Ansumana Fofana • 7
Herve Nonez • 7
Teisha Reid • 7
George Wright • 7
Sandra Diaz • 8
Kenneth King • 8
Milton Kirton • 8
Darryl Manson • 8
Nestor Ayala • 9
George Cole • 9
Raul Harris • 9
Sean Liggins • 9
Glenwood Nelson • 9
Patricia Rabb • 9
Glen Hill • 10
Nathaniel Washington • 10
Delroy Bennett • 11
Marsha Smith • 11
Francisco Velez • 11
Michael Moore • 12
Orlando Abrams • 13
Jose Cumpa • 13
Gerri Dantzler • 13
Marvester Robinson • 13
Denham Wilson • 13
Lorraine Dennis • 14
Kimberly Giles • 14
Barbara Grant • 14
Abraham Kagabo • 17
Dean Farmassony • 22
Michael Banks • 24
James Gantt • 27

Paratransit Bus Driver Award Winners

NOTE: Number listed = Number of years driving at the highest safety levels

Jose Caban • 3
David Perez • 4
Ruben Reyes • 4
Daniel Berry • 5
Daisy Bryant • 6
Latoya Manns • 8
Veda Salahuddin-Iannotti • 8
Hector Torres • 8
Roy Bartolomeo • 9
Rafael DeJesus • 9
Ismael Sanchez • 10
Russell Colon • 13
Selby Quashie • 17

Thank You to All GBT Employees!
Keeping It Safe Every Day.

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Free, Gratis, безкоштовний – However you say it, its free!

Starting April 1, 2022

Welcome Aboard! A three month suspension of bus fares statewide begins this Friday, April 1, 2022.

GBT will be suspending the collection of fares from April 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022 on both fixed route and GBT Access Services.

Take any bus, in any direction, as often as you like – Free.

Bring a friend!

For updates on this and other GBT programs, visit, signup for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

GBT Bus Hun at Trumbull Mall


Masks continue to be required on all public transportation systems in the United States until at least April 18, 2022.

Protect Yourself, Protect Others. Wear A Mask. #InThisTogether

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