Get Ready for Winter Weather

Get Ready for Winter Weather ● December 15, 2020

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Winter Weather

Get Ready for Winter Weather

We are monitoring the approaching snowstorm that’s expected to arrive in our region on Wednesday afternoon.

Behind the scenes, we have been reviewing our severe weather procedures to be sure we can maintain bus service for as long as it is safe to do so. During the storm, we’ll be posting information to keep you up to date on any service changes.

Riders should expect delays and possible service disruptions. Please leave extra time for travel, and check back regularly for service updates. Stay warm, stay safe!

Plan ahead, stay safe, and keep in touch.

GBT Live.

Stay Connected During Winter Weather

Severe weather can cause delays. The times listed on the GBT schedules are approximate and are subject to delays from weather or other conditions. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip.

In the event of bad weather, we’ll be posting information on:



Please Note: in the event of major power outages, we will only be posting updates to Facebook and twitter. Please charge your cell phone and download appropriate apps ahead of time.

Listen In.

News 12 – Cable TV | Radio Cumbre – 1450 AM | WICC – 600 AM | CT POST

Check Your Connections.

Check Your Connections

Norwalk Transit

Milford Transit

CT Transit (Stamford, New Haven)

Valley Transit

Metro North (MTA) 

Safety Tips

A few safety tips during severe weather:

  • Check for updates on services before you leave
  • Leave yourself some additional time while traveling
  • Watch your step traveling to and from bus stops and while boarding the bus and always use sidewalks and cross walks

Weather Information.

Stay alert and monitor the weather.