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No stops on Fairfield Ave between Orland St and Fairfield Circle will be serviced during this detour.

Road closures to begin at 10:30 AM.

CL Detour:

Westbound – (R) on Orland St., (L) on Ellsworth St., (R ) on Crowther Ave., continue onto Canfield Ave., (R) on Brewster St. (L) on Commerce and then onto Kings Hwy. Eastbound will be the reverse.

Rt 5 Detour:

For the Route 5 – it will be (L) onto Albion St., (R ) onto Spruce St., (L) onto Ocean Ter. (L) onto Yacht (L) onto St. Stephens Rd. (L) on Wordin Ave. (R ) on Spruce St. (L) on Albion St., (R ) onto Fairfield Ave.