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Earth Day Butterfly 2022


Greener Bridgeport Transit

When bus riders choose public transportation, we reduce our impact on the environment. Each time a rider takes the bus, they contribute to a reduction in Green House Gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. Riders also help reduce demand on non-renewable resources (fossil fuels), and reduce congestion and the accompanying pollution. Clean air and a healthy planet are important for all of us. So, on Earth Day 2022, all of us at GBT thank all of our riders for doing their part for a healthier world.

GBT Zero Emission Buses

At GBT we have been working to do our part by converting our fleet to battery electric buses with zero tail pipe emissions. The first two zero emission buses are already on the road in the Bridgeport region and three more will be joining them soon. We are planning a cleaner, quieter, healthier and more efficient bus system for the region – so we can all breathe a little easier. Learn more about GBT’s cleaner Zero Emission Bus program>>

Thank you for going GBT!

This year, to thank our riders for doing their part for the environment and sticking with us through the pandemic, we are planning some give-aways at the Water Street Station:


GIVE-AWAYS! Starting at 7 AM

While supplies last

Tote Bags
Seeded Cards
Butterfly Tattoos

GIVE-AWAYS! Starting at 3:30 PM

While supplies last

Seeded Cards
Butterfly Tattoos

Earth Day 2022 - GBT Globe

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