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Legislative Brief ● February 14, 2020

Welcome to the GBT Fact Book 2019.

We’ve put together the data and information about bus service in the Greater Bridgeport Region that we’re most often asked about. The GBT Fact Book 2019 includes data about ridership, safety, complaints, efficiency, and costs, as well as some illuminating data on funding and how it affects our region. Below are a few highlights from the Fact Book.

Help us bring investment to our region for new services.

Take a look and reach out if you’d like to talk with us. Our door is always open.

Doug Holcomb, General Manager
Greater Bridgeport Transit

Ridership 2019

GBT Ridership 2019

Boardings 2019

GBT Boardings Per Hour + Service Hours Per Day

Challenges 2020

Today, some buses have to pass by people at bus stops due to capacity limits.

How We Compare

Cost per Hour of Service • FY 2018

Cost per Hour of Service • FY 2018

State Investment in Bus Transit

FY 2019

State Investment in Bus Transit Operations, FY 2019

GBT Goals 2020

  • Protect current services
  • Expand current services
    • Increase frequency
    • Increase service hours
    • Increase days of service
  • Invest in new services

Our Appeal

Strengthen the STF
Protect and Expand investment
Equitable, transparent, & consistent state funding