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Coronavirus News #3 ● for GBT Riders & the Public ● March 23, 2020

Coronavirus News for GBT Riders & the Public

Travel by Bus for Essential Workers & Errands Only

Do not travel on the bus if you do not need to.

Take the bus ONLY if you are an essential worker or need supplies like groceries and medicine.

Please leave the buses for the people who really need them.

Governor Lamont has issued an order that all non-essential businesses will close on Monday, 3/23/2020 at 8 PM. Bus transit remains in operation. It remains in operation so that important workers, like medical staff, can get to their jobs. It also is important for citizens to get supplies like food and medicine. If you do not have to travel, please do not take the bus.

The Governor’s order is here (PDF) >>

Bus Rules During This Crisis

Reducing the Number of Riders Per Bus

If the buses have too many people on them, we will pass by riders waiting at bus stops. Riders will have to wait for the next bus. If this happens, you will see a “Please Take the Next Bus” on the destination sign. On the busiest routes and times of day, we may run “Shadow Buses” – a second bus behind the first bus – to pick up any people who are still waiting. We may not be able to do this on all routes at all times due to the number of buses and drivers we have.

Enter and Exit the Bus Through The Rear Doors

Drivers will not be enforcing fare collections during this crisis. Enter and exit through the rear doors of the bus. This will help maintain social distancing to protect drivers and passengers alike. Riders with mobility devices and those requiring the “kneeling” of the bus, may, of course, use the front door.

Stay Away From the Bus Driver

Don’t interact with the bus driver unless you have a special need. Respect the driver’s space. Always leave at least six feet between you and the bus driver.

Bus drivers are working on the front lines to insure people can get to essential jobs at medical facilities and other places like grocery stores and pharmacies. We need our bus drivers to stay healthy so we can all get through this together. Bus drivers are doing important work and are providing a necessary public service.

Don’t Ride Just Because It’s Free

The temporary cessation of fare collection during this crisis has been implemented to protect drivers and riders by reducing interactions and to stop people from touching the fare box.

Don’t Get on the Bus if You Are Sick

Don’t travel in public if you are sick or suspect you may be sick.

All Riders Must Exit the Bus During Layovers

At the end of each trip, the driver will be instructing all riders to exit the bus during the layover. This is for everyone’s protection. Please follow the direction of your driver.

We All Need Bus Drivers

Our ability to provide continued service depends on the health and availability of our drivers and other employees. It is critical that we all work together to follow these rules so that our community is strong and resilient.

Our bus drivers are counting on you to do the right thing.

Help us let bus drivers know how much we value the work they are doing ─ send a Thank You to our bus drivers online. We will make sure that our bus drivers get the messages that you send in.

Stay Away From Others

If you must travel, don’t linger at the bus station. Practice social distancing on the platforms and stops. Stay Safe! We’re all in this together.

Remember These Simple Guidelines

  • Do not travel if you are sick or suspect you may be sick.
  • Do not travel if you do not have to
  • Cover your cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water often.
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently.

Find out more at the Centers for Disease Control>>

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